Dear brothers and sisters serving Jesus in Taiwan, 
TMF annual conference is from 23-28 July. Please book the dates, we’d love to see you there. 
This year I am the chairperson. This gives me some unique privileges including getting to choose the speaker. One other privilege is that it has allowed me to stand back and look at the conference as a whole. I have been able to talk to people about their hopes and dreams for the conference. This year we’d like to make a few changes aiming in particular to not only encourage our spiritual lives … but also to get to know each other better. 
Why is that important? 
For many reasons, but they include the huge benefit it is for us to know other people from other organizations within Taiwan. I know how easy it is to just know and talk to people from within your own organization but when we do that we miss out on the beautiful diversity that God has placed on this island. 
With this in mind I wanted to alert you to a few changes which I hope you’ll enjoy. 
During the week there are 8 sessions for the speaker - this year half will be more interactive. 
The seminar times have traditionally been after lunch (and recently before lunch as well). This year we’ll trial keeping them to three days before lunch. One will be an ‘everyone’ session on ‘multicultural teams’ as our speaker has just written a book on this subject and has wide experience with this. It is also something that all of us are involved with. The other two days will be ‘choose’ one seminar on the topic of ‘thriving in Taiwan’ (more personal/spiritual life topics) and one on ministry skills topics. 
After lunch instead of seminars, we’ll trial 90 minutes (and starting at 2pm so you can have a rest) of optional FAMILY activities - an outdoor games afternoon, a craft afternoon, an interactive prayer afternoon and board games afternoon. 
TMF conference can be daunting for those who haven’t attended before. We’re hoping that this will be a year that if you haven’t been before, you’ll feel especially welcome. I know that I have benefitted from meeting so many from different organizations. Many of those I’ve met have become good friends and encouragers. 
Your sister in Christ, 
Christine Dillon
PS Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I will send other emails in the coming months with ‘we need help’ requests. For now - if you have suggestions for the seminar speakers (within Taiwan please) could you please email me. We are looking for nominations of people you feel are gifted at communicating the above two topics. Thank you
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