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If you want to post something on the website or join the podcast and write for the blog, please share what topics you’d like to discuss on the programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Issues: Login Issues


If you are having issues with logging in due to a reCAPTCHA error. Try to refresh (ctl + r) the page or close the current page before trying to login again.


Chrome Extensions

Some Chrome extensions will cause reCAPTCHA to fail. Please make sure extensions like “NoScript” are turned off.

Directory Update

Yearly Directory Mailer

To update information for the yearly mailer Click Here.

Online Missions Directory

To update an entry the user must own the listing. If you do not own a listing that is yours please contact us with the necessary information to switch the proper permissions on the website.

Posting Events

Posting Events

To have an event posted on the website please fill out the form above including the following: event name, description, date/time, location, which organization is hosting the event, way to contact event organizers and any other important information. We will later reach out to you for media files (images) to be included in the post.

Courses: Instructors

How to Become an Instructor?
To become an instructor, first create a TMF website account and message us about your interest in the contact form above. Please include details about what courses you would like to offer.

Instructor Rights 
When creating a course as an instructor you retain the rights to the content and can remove a course from our site at anytime. TMF also retains the right to remove your course from our website for any reason.

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