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We're launching a new service for TMF members we hope you will enjoy. Members have been requesting a place where we can communicate by email about things we think our fellow members might like to know.

This group allows us to quickly share with each other things we think might be of interest to others in our community. This can include anything from a prayer request to a housing need, an ongoing education opportunity to a cooperative outreach. The only guideline is that you show moderation and respect.*  If you don't want to receive messages, you can "edit your settings" so that you get a digest or only access it on the web, unsubscribe, or contact TMF office to do one of those things for you.

If you are already a current active member, you can begin using this service by sending  your email message to this address Please Note that this service is Only available to TMF Members!

We have some initial moderators, who will approve messages. The basic standards, like other online groups, is to show respect to each other both in the volume of postings and the tenor of postings (e.g., love your neighbor and don't hog the airspace). But ultimately the group will be successful if we use it to stir one another up to love and good deeds in our common calling, encourage one another, and enjoy it together. We hope it works!

ELABORATION for those who might be wondering: In other words, don’t post your weekly prayer requests or monthly prayer calendars every month. It is okay to post a sample prayer calendar and tell people how to sign up to get more, or even to do this once a year. Same thing if you work with a seminary or other cooperative institution, don’t cross post all your announcements, but it is okay to post one you think might be of special interest once in a while or to post one and tell us how to sign up to get them regularly if we are interested. Only TMF members can join, but you can forward posts to the group from your friends or from the group to your friends that you think might be of interest. 
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