What is TMF Lifetime Honorary Membership?

The TMF Lifetime Honorary Membership is one of the memberships of TMF reserved especially for a former TMF voting member. The Lifetime Honorary Membership does not request annual renewal of dues and as the Lifetime Honorary Members were all voting members, they continue to obtain voting rights until they no longer maintain a presence in Taiwan.


What are the benefits?

The Lifetime Honorary Membership includes most of the benefits enjoyed by TMF Voting Members, such as Member Rates for the TMF annual conference, email updates from the TMF office and the TMF Community Group, personal information listing in the TMF annual directory, discounts for the Oasis Retreat Center... etc. The only exception is that the TMF Annual Directory will not be released to them free of charge, but instead can be obtained by voluntary contribution

As the name implies, TMF will not terminate the membership unless it is requested by the member, or when the honorary member can no longer be contacted. An honorary member shall have voting rights until he/she no longer maintains a presence in Taiwan. The Life Honorary Membership does not require regular, annual membership payment, although voluntary contribution is always welcomed.


Who is eligible?

1. Missionaries who have served in Taiwan as TMF voting members for more than 10 years, and
2. Those who are 62 years of age or older, and
3. Those who are officially retired



The candidate can be nominated either by other TMF members, or by the TMF executive committee. There are no limits as to the number of nominations per year. To nominate a Lifetime Honorary Member, it is necessary to fill in a nomination form and submit it to the TMF office.


Download the Nomination Form

Click HERE to download the Microsoft Word version

Click HERE to download the Adobe PDF version

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