Taiwan Missionary Fellowship 69th Annual Conference

Morrison Academy, Taichung July 20 – July 24, 2020



This is the online registration page for the TMF Annual Conference. Before you register, please read through the registration information first.  


Please register as soon as possible as we expect the housing space to be limited. The earlier you register, the better chance you have of securing a dorm room (see lodging section below). Even if you do not need meals and/or housing, please register ASAP to help with our conference planning. There is a significant discount for registering before June 15.



Conference Fee


TMF Members

Non TMF Members**

Adult (full) – up to June 15th

NT$ 1,000

NT$ 2,200

Adult (full) – after June 15th

NT$ 1,500

NT$ 2,700

Adult (daily) *

NT$ 300

NT$ 500

Child & Youth [accompanying parent(s)]

NT$ 300

NT$ 500

Maximum per Family – up to June 15th

NT$ 2,500

NT$ 4,000

Maximum per Family – after June 15th

NT$ 3,000

NT$ 4,500




These fees do not cover all the conference costs. An offering will be taken on Thursday evening of the conference to cover these additional expenses and to provide an opportunity to support other TMF ministries.

* Unregistered persons attending only particular sessions of the conference are required to pay the daily fee using the offering box placed just inside the entrance of the main sessions or giving in the Thursday evening offering.

** If you Submit an Application for membership in TMF and that application is accepted, the difference between the member and non-member fees here can be credited toward the dues of the first year of a TMF membership.



Financial Assistance


If you are a member of TMF and are seeking financial assistance to attend the conference, please contact the TMF office BEFORE JUNE 15th.



Currency of Payment


TMF operates with NT$ ONLY.



TMF Annual Dues 

  • Singles:   NT$ 1,200 (NT$ 1080 for Membership Renewal) 
  • Couples: NT$ 1,500 (NT$ 1350 for Membership Renewal) 




Members will receive TMF annual directory, member rates for the TMF annual conference, email updates from the TMF office and the TMF Community Group, discounts for the Oasis Retreat Center, etc. A 10% discount on dues will be given to members of a mission who submit payment as a group (even if all missionaries of that group do not sign up). Individuals can also receive a 10% discount by renewing membership before July 31.



Refund and Change Policy 

  • NO MEAL refunds will be made after the FIRST Day of the conference. 
  • NO LODGING refunds will be made within 3 Days of conference start, unless the reservation can be filled.



Lodging Arrangement


Each family (couple, single, etc.) may choose to stay in the dorm and select either with linen service or without. But whatever you choose will be the same for all people in the family (children under age 2 can be excluded).


 Fees for Lodging


Dorm Room - Two Twin Beds


  • NT$ 250 per day for each single adult sharing a room
  • NT$ 500 per day per room for couples/family


Extra mattress – to be used on the floor of dorm room


  • NT$ 250 per day ( x 3 Maximum )


Linen Service – Sheets, light blanket, pillow/pillow cover, Towels


  • NT$ 170 per day per person / per day per family member in the same room


Lodging Deposit


We request that you pay a 500 NT Deposit for your lodging reservation Before June 15th.



Meal Menu 


Please Click Here to download Meal Menu for the Conference week.



Meal Plans


Meals offered in the meal plans below are available in the cafeteria. Meal packages offer a discount off of the price for individual meals. There are two categories of meals:




For those who have completed 6th grade and older




For children age 4 through and including those who have completed 5th grade. There is no charge for children under 4 years of age who are accompanied by a parent/guardian who has ordered a meal.



Fees for MEAls


Discount Plan 1: Complete packet (all 14 meals)





Discount Plan 2: Lunch/Dinner packet (4 lunches, 5 dinners)





Plan 3: Selected MEALS (You select the meals you want)




NT$ 110

NT$ 80


NT$ 140

NT$ 110


NT$ 160

NT$ 130


Please make sure that each of your family member is signed up for the correct meals. Adjustments may be made through the first day of the conference.


NO Meal Refunds will be provided after the first day. However, meal tickets may be given away or sold to other conference participants. 



Swimming Sign-up


Fees for Swimming


Individual Ticket

NT$ 250

Family Pass

NT$ 500

Children 6 and under must be accompanied by an adult.


Family pass provides access to the swimming pool for every family member.



How to Send Payment to TMF/CCG


ATM Transfer


Bank code: 700 (If transferring from an Oversea Bank, please use this Bank Code: 7000021)
Account Name: 0021550-0210384 (Please note that this is the only number for the ATM Transfer. DO NOT use 21517317 for the ATM Transfer)


* Please send us the Transfer Date and Bank Name so we can track your payment.



Postal Giro Account Transfer


Account Name: 社團法人台灣省基督教傳教士協會
Account Number: 21517317 (Please be sure to include your English name.)



Payment by Check (NTD Check Only)


Checks may be sent to the following mailing address: P.O. Box 55-123, Taichung 40499.



Download Registration Information


Click HERE to download a PDF Version of the registration information on this page for offline reading.


Contact TMF Office


Phone: (04) 2236-1901



Fax: (04) 2236-2109


  PO Box 55-123, Taichung 40454


Online Registration



2020.06.02 Update: At this point, request for lodging has exceeded the Morrison dorm limit. It is unlikely that we are able to provide more lodging for you. Please plan for alternative lodging before you register! You can find additional lodging information from the link below:





Register Online by Filling in the Form Below


Conference online registration is closed. Please wait until the conference registration begins and we will process your registration on-site.






Known Registration Issues


Sometimes people are able to fill in some of the information, but somewhere in the registration process they may find themselves taken to a page irrelevant to registration and no longer allowed to provide any information.


The registration system does function normally. However, because the registration pages changes its size dynamically depending on your input, your web browser could be confused especially after you have to scroll down the page in order to fill in the information. The browser simply forgets to bring you back to the top of the registration section and the solution is simple: Scroll up the page a bit and you will return to the registration section.


Make sure that you enter the verification code and hit the submit button at the last page. Afterward, you will see a short paragraph telling you that your registration is complete. If somehow you are unable to complete the  online registration, you may want to try register offline as mentioned below.



Register Offline


There are 2 versions of registration form for your offline use. The Editable Conference Registration Form Spreadsheet can be filled up within Microsoft Excel or other compTo send the offline registration forms to TMF office,atible office software such as LibreOffice. If you prefer to print the form and fill it up on paper, please download the PDF version.


After filling up your registration form, please send it to TMF office by email, fax, or mailing. Please refer to the "Contact TMF Office" section above for our contact information.


  • Please Click Here if you want to download an Editable Conference Registration Form (Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet)


  • Please Click Here if you want to download a PDF version so you can print it on paper





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