TMF has some exciting news. Over the past year or so we’ve been in an exploratory process regarding a new service—volunteer visas—the VIP program if you will. If you would like to participate, there is an open window to sign up volunteers right now. It will close in a couple weeks, so call TMF immediately or email}?w?g?Q???U???l???{???O?@?A?A??n???Javascript?~???[?? if you have someone for this window. The next application window is planned for April. 

Are you interested? There are of course rules and procedures that have been set up to ensure the VIP program meets its goals and works to the benefit of everyone concerned. Nancy Gu is our administrative coordinator for this program and she will be happy to provide the forms and answer your questions. I won’t try to explain all the ins and outs here, because this is just an introduction, but here are a few FAQs if you will…


Who can apply?


When a volunteer has been identified, a ministry partner organization legally recognized by Taiwan and approved by TMF, submits an application to TMF for each volunteer. 


How much does it cost?


There is a small administrative cost: 5000NT for the first time and 3000NT for the extension.


Can the volunteer work in Taiwan?

No, this is for volunteers only. The volunteer is under the direction of the sponsoring organization. Any money the volunteer receives must come through that organization. The volunteer cannot take any paid position in Taiwan. Any contributions for their services from other organizations should go to the sponsoring organization.


When do we apply and how long does it take?


Right now the plan is to submit applications 4 times a year, perhaps in January and July. Once the paperwork is all in and the applications approved, the letter for the visa application should be in your hands in about 8 - 10 weeks.


What if I have questions or suggestions for this program?


We are excited to be able to open this up to the initial list of approved partner organizations right now. We also realize that this is a new program and there will be necessary adjustments that we haven’t anticipated. Phil Nicholson is the project team coordinator and Nancy Gu is the administrator. Depending on your question or suggestion, you may want to approach one of them. We realize that VIP will not meet the needs of every situation, but we do believe it is something God can use for his glory, for Taiwan, and for our ministry fellowship.


Application Documents for Your Preview


Below are documents that an applicant must submit. To avoid misunderstanding and time losses, make sure you contact Nancy at TMF office first ( ) before working on these forms.

1. Procedures for Applying for a Volunteer Visa - Click to Download

2. Agreement between TMF & Missions for Volunteer Visas - Click to Download

3. Volunteer Application Form - Click to Download




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