Missionary VISA


If possible, we recommend missionary candidates to apply for a missionary visa, because it automatically renew itself every year, while the volunteer visa requires effort of annual renewal. If a church or school can give a missionary a certificate that this person is a full time church or religion worker with at least 2 years of experience, plus an invitation letter from a Taiwan Church, then this person may apply for a missionary visa.





In 2009 we were informed by the government that resident visas are available for international volunteers for the purpose of volunteer work. TMF happened to be one of the organizations that can apply for these visas. As a result, TMF began to help mission agencies to obtain visas for those people who are not eligible to receive a "missionary visa", in particular for ministry interns who do not have any formal theological training or ministry experience.



Who can apply?


TMF will apply for permission for individuals wanting to come to Taiwan as volunteers holding a 12-month multiple-entry (residence) visa (not a visitor or tourist visa). Applications will be made at the request of approved mission agencies which will agree to pastoral and financial accountability for the applicant. TMF will sponsor a maximum of 3 volunteers per mission during each year.


The Volunteers must fulfill at least 15 hours per week of social work to meet the government requirement.



How much does it cost?


There is administrative cost, plus the organization accepts responsibility for both the expenses of the volunteer that may need to be reimbursed plus the required National Health Insurance and the Mandatory Accident Insurance. If the volunteer drives a car or motorcycle, he/she needs to have Liability Insurance to meets TMF requirement. Any costs incurred by TMF in the application will be paid for by the mission in advance.



Can the volunteer work in Taiwan?


No, this is for volunteers only. The volunteer is under the direction of the sponsoring organization. Any money the volunteer receives must come through that organization. The volunteer is not allowed to seek paid work while in Taiwan under a Volunteer Visa according to the government regulation. Any contributions for their services from other organizations should go to the sponsoring organization.



What if my organization is not on the TMF approved list?


You can either find an organization that is approved that is willing to take responsibility for the volunteer, or you can apply to TMF for approval for this program. There are some guidelines for that.



When do we apply and how long does it take?


The applications will be submitted four times a year. Missions must submit required information about the applicants to TMF before each board meeting.


Application Documents for Your Preview


Below are documents that an applicant must submit. To avoid misunderstanding and time losses, make sure you contact Nancy at TMF office first ( tmfccg@gmail.com ) before working on these forms.


1. Procedures for Applying for a Volunteer Visa - Click to Download

2. Agreement between TMF & Missions for Volunteer Visas - Click to Download

3. Volunteer Application Form - Click to Download




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