Introduction to the Set of Six Maps of Taiwan Population Distribution


The population statistics used to make these six maps of population distribution are from the “2007 Taiwan Church Annual Report * ” with the original source being government population statistics** from June, 2007.

1.) The first map shows the population distribution for all of Taiwan.

2.) The second map shows just those areas of Taiwan for which the population is below 30,000 people. The relatively sparse population of the central mountains and east coast stands out clearly on this map.

3.) The third map uses an expanded scale to show more details for those areas for which the population is below 30,000 people. On this map a difference stands out between the very low population seen in the southern end of the mountainous region and the greater population seen in the central and northern areas of the mountains.

4.) The fourth map shows those areas of Taiwan for which the population is less than 8,000 people. The reason for picking the population range of 8,000 and less is related to an observation made in a study of the trends seen in the geographical distribution of Taiwan churches during 1993 – 2003. In that study it was noted, “The fact that four low population townships (pop under 8,000) in Taiwan lost their church(es) in the past decade may indicate that the Church will face challenges in maintaining its presence in other low population areas in the future.” (More details can be read on page 2, section 7, of the study: ( )”

This map shows that according to the data in the 2007 Taiwan Church Annual Report, Taiwan currently has 39 townships where the population is less than 8,000 people. Of these, three have no Protestant church at all, eight have one church only, one has two churches, and the remaining 27 have between 4 and 23 churches.

The townships that have 0, 1, or 2 churches are listed below, along with their populations. Three of these twelve townships have already lost the church that they once had while another eight areas have only one church and, judging from the history of low population areas in Taiwan, could possibly be vulnerable to losing that church because of the low population.


26. Taipei County?x?_??, Pinghsi Township, ????m, 1 church, pop. = 5,855

30. Taipei County?x?_??, Pinglin Township, ?W?L?m, no church, pop. = 6,650

31. Taipei County?x?_??, Shihting Township, ?????m, 1 church, pop. = 7,860

71. Hsinchu County ?s???, Omei Township, ?o??m, 1 church, pop. = 6,187

80. Miaoli County ?]???, Sanwan Township, ?T?W?m, 1 church, pop. = 7,552

82. Miaoli County ?]???, Shihtan Township, ?????m, 1 church, pop. = 5,201

203. Chiayi County ??q??, Tapu Township, ?j?H?m, 1 church, pop. = 3,900

234. Tainan County ?x?n??, Lungchi Township, ?s?T?m, 0 church, pop. = 4,406

308. Pingtung County ??F??, Fangshan Township, ?D?s?m, 1 church, pop. = 6,328

328. Taitung County ?x?F??, Lutao Township, ???q?m, 0 church, pop. = 3,026

358 ***. Penghu County ??????, Wangan Township, ???w?m, 2 churches, pop. = 4,393

359 ***. Penghu County ??????, Chimei Township, ?C???m, 1 church, pop. = 3,135


5.) The fifth map shows those areas of Taiwan for which the population is between 30,001 and 100,000.

6.) The sixth map shows just those areas for which the population is over 100,000 people.


* 2007 Taiwan Church Annual Report, Published by the Taichung City Church Development and Strategy Alliance 2007?x?W??????|?????i,?x??????|?o?i?????p?????| ?o??


** ???F?????F?q?x??a??H?f??p (Ministry of the Interior, Department of Household Registration, Taiwan Area Population Statistics)


*** The number of churches for the townships of Penghu County are not given separately in the 2007 Taiwan Church Annual Report so data from the 2009 – 2010 Taiwan Church Handbook was used for areas # 358 and # 359.


George McFall, TEAM, July, 2009


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