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403台中市西區五權路1-138號, 西區 West District, 台中 Taichung, 台灣 Taiwan 403

We are a body of believers dedicated to making the Word of God available to everyone and, together with the local church, reaching souls for Christ.


The Gideons International is the result of a meeting between two men who wished to band commercial travelers together for evangelism. What began in 1908 as an Association of Christian businessmen placing Bibles in hotel rooms has evolved into an expanding mission to provide Scriptures to all people in nearly every facet of life. Today, we have taken more than 2 billion Scriptures in more than 95 languages to 200 countries, territories, and possessions across the globe.

一八九八年秋天,美國威斯康辛州珍士維爾人約翰‧H‧尼克森(John H. Nicholson)來到威斯康辛州布司扣布市的中央旅社下榻。但因該旅店客滿,店主建議他與一位來自威斯康辛州貝樂特市的撒母耳‧E‧希耳(Samuel E. Hill)共用一間有兩張床的雙人房。原來約翰尼克森在十九歲時,曾應許他臨終的母親每日讀聖經與祈禱,終生不渝,多年來已養成每晚就寢前必讀聖經的習慣,因此,兩人不久即發現彼此係基督徒。於是,兩人即在房中一同舉行晚禱。當他們跪著祈禱時,上帝就賜給他們創立本會的心願。


結果,只有約翰‧H‧尼克森、撒母耳‧E‧希耳、及威耳‧J‧奈茲(Will J. Knights)三個人出席會議。他們於是組織起來,選希耳為會長、奈茲為副會長、尼克森擔任書記兼會計。他們為此會之名稱考慮良久,經過跪下特別祈禱求神啟示後,奈茲站起時宣稱:「我們應稱為基甸會。」他於是誦讀士師記第六、七兩章,並宣稱他之所以選擇「基甸」這名字的緣由。

We exist as an advocate for the lost, to bring them the saving knowledge of the Word through not only placing and distributing Scriptures, but also through personal witnessing and by associating together for service. As a united force for the Gospel, we remain rooted in tradition, but we operate under the firm belief that anyone can be a valuable asset to this invaluable cause. We provide many opportunities to partner with us through either prayer or financial support. Join us, and let’s spread the Good News.


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