Bilingual Taiwan Township Names For Church Distribution Maps

(English area names use the Wade-Giles Romanization.)


Prepared by George McFall (TEAM)

October, 2007


Taipei City 台北市


1. Neihu District 內湖區

2. Shihlin District 士林區

3. Peitou District 北投區

4. Sungshan District 松山區

5. Hsinyi District 信義區

6. Taan District 大安區

7. Wanhua District 萬華區  

8. Wenshan District 文山區

9. Nankang District 南港區

10. Chungshan District 中山區

11. Chungcheng District 中正區

12. Tatung District 大同區


Statistics For The Geographical Distribution of Protestant Churches in Taiwan Map

This is a table that shows the actual data from the 2008 - 2008 Taiwan Church Handbook that are used for all the church distribution maps. 

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