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Introducing Marilyn Schlitt


Marilyn has been serving in the OMF International team since 1980.  The majority of her time has been in the Philippines and there have also been international roles. After a year of language learning, their (she and husband Richard) first 3 years were spent in church planting among the majority Filipino population. This was followed by four years working in a Muslim setting.


They moved to Singapore in 2010 as Richard assumed the international role of over-seeing the work of OMF in East Asia. Marilyn has developed and teaches member development programs in OMF.  Both Richard and Marilyn are involved extensively in training and mentoring. Their heart's desire is to serve and equip their fellow missionaries, enabling them to work to their fullest potential for God's glory.   


Richard and Marilyn are based in Hong Kong. Marilyn continues in the leadership team of OMF Training and Development.


Marilyn was a TCK (Third Culture Kid) in India for the first 17 years of her life.  Marilyn’s additional training has been in the area of Adult Learning and is certified to administer Psychometric Assessments. They have 3 married daughters and seven grandchildren.  When they are not in Asia they make their home in western Canada.




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