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Cell Group Churches

Volume 5 Number 2 (Fall 1995)


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Ralph Neighbour's book, Where Do We Go From Here?: A Guidebook for the Cell Group Church(See book review, page 61.), published in 1990, was the first comprehensive, practical guide on the cell group church. Encouraged by the book, a number of people set about to apply the principles to their existing churches. Others were emboldened to actually plant a cell group church.

One of the most significant influences in Taiwan regarding cell group churches was a trip made in 1994 by about 300 pastors, missionaries, and other church staff and lay people. These Christian workers went to Singapore to attend the Third International Cell Group Conference. For five days these men and women listened to Pastor Lawrence Khong, Dr. Ralph Neighbour, and their co-workers share on the practice and theory of cell groups. They also had the opportunity to actually participate in cell group meetings with the members of the Faith Community Baptist Church.

Table of Content

Cell Group Churches

  • A Bird's Eye View of the Global Cell Church Movement by Jim Egli

  • What is a Meta-Church? by Carl F. George

  • How New is Your Wineskin? Ralph W. Neighbour Jr.

  • Cell Groups and Renewal at Truth Lutheran Church by Wendell Friest

  • Transition: One Church's Journey into Cell Groups by Barry Owen

  • The Birth of a Cell Group Church by Thad Puckett

  • The Use of Networks for Church Planting in Taiwan by Joel Nordtvedt



Regular Features

  • Missionary Profiles: Sister Lilly Singer

  • Witness Stand: A Miracle of Snow

  • Language Learning Corner

  • Book Reviews

  • MK Education: Preparing Children for Boarding School

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