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MKs on the Mission Field

Volume 14 Number 3 (Spring 2005)


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The years of childhood are sometimes difficult ones. The awkward days of adolescence are not always the proudest memories for many. In recent years, more than ever, the goal of fulfilling the Great Commission is a collaborative endeavor, involving children’s efforts as well as those of adults. A consequence of this trend is increasingly evident, as a focus of mission literature on personnel issues has gradually shifted from the adults who are working in the mission field to the children who live in it.

As an adult, it is not easy to find one’s own identity, even with many definitive parameters such as careers, families, and other personal choices. As a child, it is even more difficult, especially in the mission field, when children inadvertently become an extension of their parents’ identities. MKs often face the ambiguous issue of making their parents’ beliefs their own. BKs (children of business people) often misinterpret the role of religion in their lives and seem to separate career and religion, as if one cannot exist in the world of the other.

Table of Content

MKs on the Mission Field

  • Guest Editorial by Emi Higashiyama

  • Counting the Cost: Considering life as an MK by Jeannie Newquist

  • Financing MK Education at Morrison Academy by Tim McGill

  • A Perspective on Morrison Christian Academy by Melynda Sides

  • Morrison Academy’s Approach to Satellite Schools by George McFall

  • Morrison Academy- An Appreciation by Tony Foley

  • Home schooling - A Viable Option? by Scott Pagel

  • The Lord…Sent our Whole Family by Amy Gibson

  • Caring for our Children by Judy Newquist

  • Fitting into Ministry within the Family by Lauren Owen

  • Happy Landing on Your Re-entry! by Young Ok Kim

  • Make Home Leave a Success by Bonnie McGill

  • Our More than Ordinary Kids by John Shirmer

  • Raising a Bilingual Child by David Eastwood



  • How Do We Get Working-Class Taiwanese to Read the Bible? by Amy Gibson

  • The Church’s Responsibility for the Expatriate - A Biblical Perspective by Alain Haudenschild

  • The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan:A Brief History (Part 2) by David Alexander



Regular Features

  • Meditation for Missionaries: Where Do You Live? by Becky McMillan

  • Resources for Ministry: Home Assignment for Kids by Andrea Rusk

  • Language Learning Corner by Martin Symonds

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