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Teaching English in Taiwan

Volume 14 Number 2 (Winter 2005)


In This Issue

We are happy to feature Doris Brougham in this issue. She has contributed so much to the field of English teaching in Taiwan, and subsequently has a worldwide ministry through the Overseas Radio & Television (ORTV) organization that she founded.

Because English is a major international language there is an enormous demand for English teachers. ORTV seeks to equip people not only with English but for life as well. People are hungry to learn English, and by using this existing need, Christians can seek to introduce God to Taiwan. The needs are great and growing. Any skill you have can be used by God. There are constant opportunities for native English speakers to reach out. If you have a desire to serve God and have a willing and humble heart, consider coming to Taiwan to teach English.

Table of Content

Teaching English in Taiwan

  • Guest Editorial: by Simon Hung, Executive Director, ORTV

  • Diary of an English Teacher in Taiwan by Beth Bowyer

  • Doris Brougham (Peng Meng-hui Lao-shih) by Les and Thelma Barnard

  • Making an Impact in Kaohsiung by Woody Ulmer

  • Our Goals, God’s Purpose by Tania Ratu

  • Bread of Life English Fellowship — A Work of God by David Ullstrom

  • Caring for Foreigners in Prison — The Lighthouse Ministry by Immanuel Scharrer

  • A Pastor’s Journey by Charles Bivens

  • Chiayi International Church (CYIC — See why I see) by David Eastwood



  • “Taiwan Expatriates for Christ” Conference Report by Alain Haudenschild

  • TMF Ladies Retreat 2004 Report by Bev Worthley

  • The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan:A Brief History (Part 1) by David Alexander



Regular Features

  • Meditation for Missionaries: When God Changes Our Plans by Rebecca S. McMillan

  • Missionary Glimpses: Getting to Grips with the Task by Leslie Barnard

  • Witness Stand: Sequel to “I Carried the Buddha’s Tooth” by Shirley Tsao

  • Witness Stand: Tony Yang’s Testimony translated and compiled by Leslie Barnard

  • Book Review

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