Taiwan Mission Quarterly


The Modern Face of Buddhism

Volume 13 Number 4 (Summer 2004)


In This Issue

We hear of new Buddhist hospitals, schools and even Universities. All these new Buddhist ventures seem to be welcomed by both the people and the media, and always get good reports in the papers as well as on TV. In contrast Christianity is still not widely accepted, and its message is little understood by the majority of the population. The articles in this edition of the magazine will help us understand both the recent changes in Buddhist thinking, and the way people in Taiwan think, and how they view the world, as well as giving us helpful apologetic material for discussion with our non-Christians friends especially in the area of understanding the Hungry Ghost month.

Table of Content

The Modern Face of Buddhism

  • Modern Buddhism by Amos Wang Jui-chen

  • The New Face of Buddhism in Modern Taiwan by Wang Jung-chang

  • Gripped by Fear by Dr. Wang Wu Tsong



  • The Birth of the Taiwan Expatriate Caring Committee by Alain Haudenschlld

  • Dr. David Landsborough Receives Honorary Doctorate

  • James Laidlaw Maxwell: Pioneer Missionary by Maurie Sween



Regular Features

  • MK Issues: Supplemental Education by Andrea Rusk

  • Witness Stand: I Carried the Buddha's Tooth by Lu Bang-syan

  • Window on the Church: How Much Good Could I Do? by Roberta Olson

  • Reality Check by Sandy Oh, Monica Tung, Sang Yoo, Steve Chun, Christine Song, and Jeffrey Su

  • Language Learning Corner: Getting Help With Your Chinese by Martin Symonds

  • Book Reviews

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