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Spiritual Disciplines

Volume 13 Number 3 (Spring 2004)


In This Issue

When we were new Christians we were encouraged to have daily Bible reading and prayer; scripture memorization was also encouraged. The methods with which we do this may have changed with time, our spiritual life goes up and down, but the purpose remains the same-personal attempts to daily, "connect" with our Maker. When one begins this kind of relationship with God then all effort is taken out, but it isn't easy. Spiritual discipline is still required, which requires even more effort.

Table of Content

Spiritual Disciplines

  • Spiritual Disciplines for the Undisciplined by Anne Alexander

  • A Prayer of Weariness by Randy and Nanci Alcorn

  • Abiding in Christ by Wright Doyle

  • Our Quiet Time by Arlene Huang

  • Striving for Spiritual Discipline by Angela Symonds

  • Learning to Praise by Judy Newquist

  • An Introduction to the Disciplines of Solitude and Community by Timothy Meier

  • Centering on Christ by Ruth P. Harbour

  • Experiential Theology

  • A Reading List for Spiritual Disciplines complied by Anne Alexander and Timothy Meier



  • Response to Shame Article by Sheldon Sawatzky

  • Becoming a Servant like Jesus by Dr. Avery Willis

  • A Gospel Warrior



Regular Features

  • Meditation for Missionaries: Finding the Pause Button by Becky McMillan

  • Missionary Profile: New on the Menu by Matthew James Coop

  • MK Issues: Making Vacations Educational by Andrea Rusk

  • Missionary Glimpses: Friends and Neighbors in Tantze by Leslie Barnard

  • Language Learning Corner

  • Book Reviews

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