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The Changing Shape of Missions

Volume 13 Number 1 (Fall 2003)


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Our host nation Taiwan has experienced many changes in recent years. We have gone from martial law to democracy to regime change. We have gone from a booming economy to a stagnant one. We have gone from strong family identity to chaos in many families and marriages. All of these changes effect the society in which we minister and therefore our missions task.

Our missionary community is changing. Missionaries arriving today often have a different sense of call than those of past years. This may take the form of a limited time commitment. Few arriving now are thinking in terms of serving for fifty years. Because they may have a limited time period, there is urgency for immediate participation in the missions task. They may not feel they have time for years of language study and relationship building. Others are using their time in Taiwan to prepare for another mission field or a career back in their homeland.

Table of Content

The Changing Shape of Missions

  • The Changing Shape of Taiwan Missions by Ron West

  • What's Happening to Missions Mobilization? by David Dougherty

  • Some Taiwan Missionaries Responses to Dougherty: by Angela Peterson/Michael Osment/Bill Franklin/Ron West



  • The History of the Taiwan Fellowship Deaconry Mission compiled by Leslie Barnard

  • Annual TMF Conference 2003 by Bev Skiles

  • Reaching the unreacted through Overseas Contract Workers by Ron Adhikari

  • Thai Workers: An Unmet challenge by Immanuel Scharrer

  • 2003 TMF Retirees

  • TMF Memorials



Regular Features

  • Meditations for Missionaries: Lost and Found by Mags Duggan

  • MK Issues: The Changing Face of Missions and Education by Andrea Rusk

  • Resources for Ministry: Hokkien Harvest Resources

  • Language Learning Corner: Clothing Vocabulary List compiled by Martin Symonds

  • Book Reviews

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