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Volume 12 Number 3 (Spring 2003)


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We missionaries serving in Taiwan are in the communication business. We want to communicate the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of this country. We try to think of creative strategies for making meaningful contact with people and effective methods for getting across the message we want them to consider. Most of us also have another group of people to whom we want to communicate messages clearly and effectively - our supporters back home. They are the people in the churches who pray for us and contribute so that we can serve the Lord here in this foreign culture. This communication task can be a major challenge!

Our task of communicating with our home supporters is another kind of crosscultural communication. When we enter another culture and serve the Lord there for several years, our experience radically changes our outlook on the world. Not having had the same experiences in life, the supporters back home have a hard time really understanding us. Actually, it is not only we that have changed by going to a foreign country, but our supporters back home are also changing in ways that we can barely perceive. When we return home, we may very well have a hard time understanding them as well. There is a great gap in experience and understanding between field and home-a gap that is not easily crossed. To have a real meeting of the minds with our supporters when we go on home assignment, we need to think very carefully about how to cross that communication gap.

Table of Content

Home Assignment

  • Home Assignment by Paul Buttrey

  • Taiwan Missionaries and Home Assignment: A Survey by Paul Buttrey

  • The How and Why of a Good Missionary Talk by Marilyn Schlitt

  • Where Nobody Knows My Name by Steve Spinella

  • A Bridge Between Cultures by David Atkin

  • Sorry That I Haven't Written by Paul Buttrey

  • Short Home Assignment? Think Twice! by Scott Powell

  • What does Home Assignment do to Children's Education? by Donna McLean

  • Furlough: The Bittersweet Test by Chuck Foreman

  • Solo on Home Assignment by Michelle Collin

  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words! by Kathy Foreman



Regular Features

  • Meditation for Missionaries: Goodness, Gracious! by Chuck Johnston

  • Missionary Profiles: Joy Randall -Serving as Jesus Served by Donna McLean

  • MK Issues: Kids on Home Assignment: What is to be Expected? by Emily Atkin

  • Young supporters by Steve Spinella

  • Window on the Church: House of Grace Celebrates Ten Years by Les & Thelma Barnard

  • Resources for Ministry: Practical Matters by Linda Clifton

  • Language Learning Corner: ''Just How Competent are You in Chinese's" by Martin Symonds

  • Book Reviews

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