Taiwan Mission Quarterly


Trauma and Crisis

Volume 12 Number 4 (Summer 2003)


In This Issue

When we decided to run a focus on Trauma and Crisis the SARS pandemic was completely unheard of! Taiwan had experienced a devastating earthquake, now known as "9-21". Later, the Taiwanese suffered more hardships due to flooding after the "7-11" typhoon. With all these crises around it's natural that people's thoughts will turn to the end times. Then there are the personal crises, how do we cope with such? You can read how some people cope in the focus articles.

Table of Content

Trauma and Crisis

  • Crisis: Danger or Opportunity by Wayne Lehsten

  • Emeline by Ronda Sheppard

  • Something Happened . . So Now What? by Steve Spinella

  • Lessons of Grief by Kathy Foreman

  • "He's Gone...'' (Poem) by Kathy Jo Foreman



Regular Features

  • Meditations for Missionaries: Dangerous Desires: The Idols Within by Mags Duggon

  • Missionary Profile: Jack and Betty to be “Retyred!'' by Paul Buttrey

  • MK Issues: Reflections by Stephanie blanton

  • MK Issues: Is My Kid Patriotic? by Matt Neigh

  • Missionary Glimpses: Movin' In and Movin' Our by Lesley Barnard

  • Window on the Church: Bus Crash by Fiona Houghton

  • Witness stand: Woken Up by David Tsai You-ching

  • Language Learning Corner: Business Vocabulary List compiledby Martin Symonds

  • Resources for Ministry: Member Care Materials compiledby Linda Clifton

  • Book Reviews

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