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Volume 5 Number 1 (Summer 1995)


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The idea of combining missions and business is not a recent one. The Moravian church, as early as 1732 wedded ministry and business in the mission's outreach. The efforts made it financially feasible for man Moravians to spread the Gospel in America, India, Labrador, Surinam, and Africa. The Basel Mission Trading Company began in India in 1834. It successfully operated industrial commercial enterprises which supported missionary activity in India and later in Africa.

Combining missions and business has its roots in the outreach of the early church. Acts 18:1-4 tells us that Paul stayed with Aquila and Priscilla in Corinth and worked with them "because he was a tentmaker as they were." In Corinthians 9, Paul argued that he had a right to receive his living from preaching the Gospel. However, he did not always use this right. Instead, he and Barnabas worked for a living.

Table of Content


  • Tentmakers: Mixing the Sacred and the Secular by D.E.

  • Tentmakers: Two Definitions

  • New Callings: New Terminology by Abel de Gogh

  • Toward an Effective Tentmaking Strategy by Chuck Foreman

  • The Experiences of One Tentmaker by Todd Sandell

  • A Study of the Parallels Between the Book of Ruth and Taiwanese Culture by Susan Lu Hsu



  • We Can Learn a Lot From Lot by Nathan D. Showalter



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