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Chinese Folk Religion

Volume 4 Number 3 (Winter 1995)


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Christians in Taiwan are often looked upon as beingunfilial because they do not worship their ancestors. They are viewed as being unloving and uncaring because during funeral rites and during the mourning periodthey will not conform to accepted traditional practices and rituals. The deeply held belief in ancestor worship becomes a stumbling block to faith in Christ.

The question for Taiwanese Christians and for missionaries working to present the Gospel in Taiwan is to know how to worship onlythe one, true God in spirit and truth, while at the same time showing honor and respect for ancestors.

The first step is to understand the rites and rituals surrounding ancestor worship and folk religion in Taiwan. Gaining a deeper understanding of what these beliefs mean to the average Taiwanese will enable us to putthese rites into an understand-able framework.

Table of Content

Chinese Folk Religion

  • Taiwan's Ancestor Cult by Robert Bolton

  • Funerals in Taiwan: Our Personal Experiences by Greg Hunt

  • Tearing Down the Barrier of Ancestor Worship by Malcolm Feistel

  • Idol Removal by Stephen Khong

  • A Christian Response to Hakka Chinese Ancestor Practices by Joel Nordtvedt

  • The Taoist Pantheon and Worship in the Temples by Yues Raguin



  • Don't Leave Home Without It by Nathan D. Showalter



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