A. A staff person shall serve as the Directory Secretary.

B. The staff needs to work with the ConferenceCommittee to coordinate conference needs.

C. Coordinate Conference registration.

D. Provide mailing service to TMF member Committees and their constituent members upon request. The cost of this service is to be determined by the TMF AdministrativeCommittee on a regular basis.

E. A representative shall attend TMF AdministrativeCommittee meetings as a non-voting staff member.





A. The ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE shall be elected from the membership of TMF to serve for two year terms. It shall be responsible for the business of TMF between Conferences. This shall include the oversight of the operation of organization, and reporting to the government. It shall see that there is a Conference Committee to arrange the conference and see that the Missionary Directory is published each year. 


B. THE CONFERENCE COMMITTEE shall be elected from the membership of TMF to serve for one season. It shall be responsible for procuring all speakersand helpers, as well asarranging for the physical needs of the Annual Conference. This shall include assisting in the arrangements for the housing and feeding of those attending the Conference as well as arranging for space to hold meetings and carry on activities. With the approval of the Administrative Committee, it shall determine charges for the summer Conference. It shall prepare announcements and registration materials to be sent out. It shall consult with the Treasurer in arranging to collect fees and dues during the Annual Conference, and in the payment of bills.





These By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of the Administrative Committee of the Taiwan Missionary Fellowship.



NOTE: Recommended Guidelines for Administrative Committee Membership


1. Be an active member of the Taiwan Missionary Fellowship

2. Have at least two years of experience in Taiwan prior to serving on the AdministrativeCommittee.

3. Attend at least one TMF Summer Conference prior to serving on the AdministrativeCommittee.

4. Attend all AdministrativeCommittee meetings unless an emergency arises necessitating a substitute representative, at which time the TMF Secretary must be informed.

5. Effectively communicate the decisions of the TMF AdministrativeCommittee to your constituency.

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