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    What do you think? If you would like to make a response to this article, we on the editorial staff of TMQ invite you to write them down and mail them to us. What should the Taiwan Missionary Fellowship be and do in the coming years? Are the traditional functions of TMF as important as they have been in the past? Should those functions take on new forms? Are there new functions that TMF should by performing? If you want to write a letter to TMQ about these questions, we welcome it. If you want to write an article, we welcome you to do so. The entire missionary community in Taiwan would benefit from your contribution.


Paul Buttrey came from the United States in 1980 with OMF International, specializing in Theological Education. He has served as field director for OMF International for ten years, and currently teaches at Christ's Disciples Training Institute in Keelung.


Source: Courtesy of "Taiwan Mission Quarterly", Volume 11, Number 1, Summer 2001

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