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Chinese Culture & the Gospel

Volume 2 Number 2 (Fall 1992)


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An unblemished pig is slaughtered, its blood collected in a bowl, the carcass hung on a rack with a tangerine placed in its mouth. This acrificial ritual is routinely performed as part of the "Peace Festival"in "Taiwan, yet many people do not realize the significance and background of the practice. In the Taiwanese language the word for "tangerine" and the word for "willingness" have the same sound - kam. The sacrificial animal is willing to give its life's blood for the sins of the people so that they may obtain peace.

About the time that Abraham by faith accepted the promise of God for the blessing of the nations through him, the Chinese were worshipping the "highest emperor" in heaven. Once a year, the emperor offered animal sacrifices to the God of heaven on behalf of his people. The Chinese character for "righteousness" (義) illustrates the sacrificial "lamb" (羊) covering "me" (我) - a person at war within myself ( 手= "sword" and 戈= "spear"). Through the blood of the lamb I am made righteous and obtain peace. Since sheep are rare inTaiwan, the pig is used for the sacrifice of atonement.

Whether ancient China received Jewish influences orthe general revelation of God accounts for the monotheism in earlier Chinese history is open to conjecture. In any case, intriguing parallels and redemptive analogies are available within Chinese culture for explaining the meaning of the good newsof Jesus Christ. This fact compels us to build bridges between gospel and culture as we do the work of evangelism in Taiwan. This issue of TAIWAN MISSION is dedicated to that end.

Table of Content

Chinese Culture & the Gospel

  • The Gospel for a Sin / Shame-Based Society by Glen R. Francis

  • Mr. Moses, Meet Mr. Confucius: A Mock Debate as an Attempt at Inter-Religious Dialogue by Wayne Schock

  • Chinese Worldview and Strategy for Evangelism by Gregory P. Hunt



  • The Mysterious Tension in Missions Today by Ralph D. Winter

  • Devotional: My Town, My People by Bobby L. Spear



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