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Church Growth & Renewal

Volume 2 Number 1 (Summer 1992)


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Church growth is not just numbers, though. Maybe the title of this issue should be, "Church Renewal and Church Growth," or, "ChurchGrowth through Renewal," or vice versa, or... By now you see the problem. Just how does the growth of the Church relate to the individual and collective renewal of God's children? Can it be said that there is ever really true renewal without resultant growth in maturity and in numbers? Can not growth and increase foster renewal?

Challenging questions. This is what we faced as an Editorial Committee when we began to discuss this issue on the growth of theChurch in Taiwan, and we took our cue from the Year 2000 Gospel Movement. As their leadership struggled with the daunting task of mobilizing the entire Church of Taiwan to the evangelization of the whole nation, they quickly realized that only aleadership and laity that was first renewed in their relationship to the Head of the Church would be willing to begin and then carry to completion their monumental goal:seeing the Church multiply five times in size over the next eight years.

Table of Content

Church Growth & Renewal

  • Inner Renewal Leads to Organizational Renewal and Growth Andy Wilson interview of Pastor Nathaniel Chou

  • Awakening and Taiwan: Instruction from History on Revitalizing the Church by Richard Cook

  • Revitalization and Growth Among Tribal Churches in the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan by Don McCall



  • Devotional: Is There a Secret to Fruitfulness in the Christian Life by Rahn Strickler

  • The First TMF Conference by Helen Gilkerson



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