This set of maps uses Protestant church locations and April, 2015, population statistics at the village (村) and neighborhood (里) level to give a detailed picture of the distribution of churches with respect to the population distribution in Chiayi County and Chiayi City. We hope these maps will be useful tools for prayer and ministry planning for the work of the gospel in Chiayi County / City.

There are eight maps that show statistics for all of Chiayi County and Chiayi City:


Maps A through C4 give the “big picture” of church locations and population for all of Chiayi County / City.


Map A shows the locations of all 107 Protestant churches listed for Chiayi County and Chiayi City in the 2015 - 2016 Taiwan Church Handbook* along with township borders and the borders for all 441 villages / neighborhoods in Chiayi County / City. 


Map B is the same as Map A except that 3 km buffer lines around each church have been added to the map. These lines show the areas of Chiayi County / City that are within 3 km of a Protestant church. The 3 km distance is arbitrary. The buffer lines help evaluate whether a given village / neighborhood is relatively closer to, or farther from, a church.


Map C shows the church locations plus the April, 2015, population for each village / neighborhood. This map can be used to see if there are areas of significant populations that have no near-by churches.


Map C2 is the same as Map C except that the 3 km buffer lines around the churches have been added.


Map C3 takes Map C2 and shows only those villages / neighborhoods that have a population over 2,000. This map was made so that it would be easier to see the places that have a relatively higher population and their locations relative to locations of existing Protestant churches.


Map C4 is similar to Map C3 but only shows areas that have a population under 1,000.   It is natural that the target areas for new churches are generally those villages / neighborhoods that have the larger populations.  Map C4, however, focuses on the low population areas and shows those that are not near a church.   Because starting new churches in rural low population areas may be rare, the question arises as to what strategies have been developed, or should be developed, to bring the gospel to such areas?


Map D shows the April, 2015, gender ratio – given in terms of how many males there are for every 100 females – for each neighborhood / village in Chiayi County and Chiayi City.  On Map D the gender ratio is in the red range (greater than 105.0) for 274 of the 441 neighborhoods/villages in the county / city.   The blue places on the map indicate areas where there are 95 males, or fewer, for every 100 females.  The green areas indicate places where the male and female numbers are fairly close to being even. 


Map D2 shows more information about the gender ratio of Chiayi County / City as it uses four ranges for the ratios that are greater than 105 instead of the one range used in Map D.


Map D3 shows the gender ratios for all the neighborhoods of Chiayi City.  On this map the Chinese name and the population is also included for each neighborhood.


Close-Up Maps Covering All of Chiayi County and Chiayi City


Because maps A through C4 cover the villages / neighborhoods for all of Chiayi County and Chiayi City it was not possible to put the name of each village / neighborhood on the map. Because of this a set of ten close-up maps that cover all of Chiayi County / City was made.


Map C5 shows the ten groupings that were used to make the close-up maps. They are numbered from CV-1 to CV – 10.  CV stands for “Chiayi Villages”.


Each of the close-up maps include the Protestant church locations, 3 km buffer lines around each church, the name of the village / neighborhood in Chinese characters, and the April, 2015, population given as a number. The color of each village / neighborhood also shows the range in which the population falls.


Satellite Imagery Maps For Each Chiayi County / City Subdivision


In addition, maps that superimpose village / neighborhood boundaries and Protestant church locations over satellite imagery were made for each of the subdivisions of Chiayi County / City.  The corresponding satellite maps are placed after each of the CV-1 through CV-10 maps.  The main advantage of the satellite imagery maps is that they make it easy to see where concentrations of population are located in relation to the locations of Protestant churches.


We hope that the close-up maps of population and church locations, along with the satellite imagery maps, will provide useful detailed information that can be used for prayer and ministry planning for

Chiayi County and Chiayi City. 

George McFall, TEAM, February, 2016

*Church data source: 2015 - 2016 Taiwan Church Handbook, Christian Resource Center, Taichung: 統 計 的 來 源: 2015 - 2016 年 台閩地區基督教堂會, 宗派, 宣教機構一覽表 基督教資料中心發行, 台中

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