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Rest and Recreation

Volume 15 Number 4 (Summer 2006)


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Are you Rushed Bushed, Pushed. ..You can lead a cool, calm, efficient and successful life was the title of a speech I read quite early in my missionary career. It was written by a Christian business man. He gave suggestions to help us prioritize and so make decisions when we have a conflict in the four major areas of our life, our relationship to God, our family, our work and our ministry. As part of prioritization the ability to say, “No,” was important. He also mentioned what the Chinese refer to as “the principle of the three eights” (san ba ju yi)! Eight hours sleep, eight hours work, and eight hours when we are free to do as we like. Through adhering to these principles a rhythm was established in my life that laid a good foundation for my missionary career.

The focus, Rest & Recreation touches all missionaries. Not only the when and how of vacations or holidays, but the concept of “rest” for God’s people as mentioned in Hebrews. We enter a rest when we receive salvation through the finished work on the cross of Jesus. There is also the day by day rest we experience through freedom from sin and deliverance from the onslaught of demonic powers that daily attack us.

Table of Content

Rest and Recreation

  • Guest Editorial: What is Rest? by Thelma Lang Barnard

  • Too Busy to Rest by Johan Frits

  • Missionaries on Holiday — Survey Findings by Leslie and Thelma Barnard



  • Sabbath by Chi Pin Hoon

  • Finishing the Race Well: Personal Integrity Issues for Men by Robert Branch

  • An Analysis of the Curse of Sin in Genesis Two and Three by Siegfried Ulmer

  • Holistic Education by Grace Han Tzu-Hsiang translated by Les & Thelma Barnard



Regular Features

  • MK Issues: Developing Leadership Qualities in your Child by Regina Robart

  • Resources for Ministry: The Transforming Center by Anne Alexander

  • MIssionary Glimpses: Pets on the Mission Field by Leslie Barnard

  • The Witness Stand: Blessed To Be a Blessing by Libeck Kadu

  • Book Reviews

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