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Children at Risk

Volume 15 Number 3 (Spring 2006)


In This Issue

Children are often the last group we consider when making decisions, yet they often bear the brunt of bad choices. The apostle James exhorts us to look after widows and orphans in their hardship. In this issue we look at what some are doing to care for these who are often marginalized by society, and how some have dealt with their own hardship.

The next generation is the hope of the world and the Church. Someone once said, “There are no grandchildren in the Kingdom of God, we are all His children.” We must work while it is still day because night is coming and no man can work” (John 9:4). Helping the at-risk children is one of the things God wants us to do.

Table of Content

Children at Risk

  • Guest Editorial by Beverly Skiles

  • Kingdom Kids by Michelle Gardner

  • Children in Crisis — A True Story by Cheryl Dunn

  • Get Involved by Cheryl Dunn

  • Boys @ Risk by Gene Anderson

  • Looking in the Face of Suicide: What the Church Can Do to Help by Michael D. Wright

  • Children in Taiwan by Jennifer Su

  • My Learning and Teaching Experiences by Grace Han Tzu-Hsiang translated by Les & Thelma Barnard



  • English Teaching Partners Needed in Taiwan by David Ullstrom

  • Understanding and Addressing Internalized Shame by Donna Wasson

  • Counseling and other Resources — Bibliography supplied by Donna Wasson

  • Fast Studies for Fast Times by Anne Alexander

  • Fifty Years of Christian Medical Mission in Puli by Alain Haudenschild



Regular Features

  • MK Issues: Asia Educational Resource Consortium - How it Can Help the Missionary Family by Regina Robart

  • The Witness Stand: Spring Flower by Bonnie VanderZwaag

  • Missionary Glimpses: Going on Furlough by Leslie Barnard

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