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The Arts and Missions

Volume 15 Number 1 (Fall 2005)


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Recently my husband and I began to use the Chronological Bible Stories, pioneered by The New Tribes Mission, in our classes. We discovered we can use this method with Christians as well as non-Christians. When using the story method of evangelism we can relate to people at grassroots level as well as those more highly educated. Recently some missionaries started to think in terms of using puppets, Taiwanese style, to do Bible Storying.

There are many of ways to share the gospel using the arts medium. However, some important considerations are: Does my method convey truth about God? Is it done in such a way the listener hears the message we intended? Or does the message pass through the hearer’s own religious or philosophical filter and thus become distorted? In the arts world, as well as in any profession, an important component is the “evangelist’s” lifestyle. Does the evangelist’s lifestyle contribute to the message of the gospel? In other words, is my teaching consistent with my lifestyle?

Table of Content

The Arts and Missions

  • Editorial

  • Simon Hung: Serving God Through Arts & Media by Beth Bowyer

  • Taking Christianity to the Stage by Rebekah Wells

  • The Pit: Sensing God’s Movement in the Arts & Media Industry by Beth Bowyer

  • Media and Ministry in Taiwan by Julia Hartle

  • The Day of Small Things by Laura Heffner

  • Bible Storying With Taiwanese Puppets by Michelle Collin

  • Comfort from the Blind: The Eden Rejoicing Chorus provided by Eden Social Welfare Foundation (Taiwan) with Andrew Wo



  • Jesus and Conflict in the Gospel of Mark by Archie Hui

  • The New General Secretary of CCCOWE, Rev. Morley Lee by Anne Scott

  • Wycliffe Taiwan Celebrates Tenth Anniversary by Andrew Wo

  • Scripture Use Workshop on Lan Yu by Ginny Larson

  • Scottish Pioneers Remembered in Ta-koa by Thelma Lang Barnard

  • Introducing the Overseas Ministries Study Center (OMSC) by Rev. Zaidarhzauva

  • 2005 TMF Conference Memorials

  • 2005 TMF Conference Retirees

  • TMF Conference in Retrospect by Tim Iverson



Regular Features

  • Meditations for Missionaries: A Non-Negotiable for Ministry by Dr. T. V. Thomas

  • Witness Stand: The Birth of the Ark Band collated by Beverly Fu, Band Leader, translated by Yvonne Chen

  • Window on the Church: Ray of Hope Opens “Lighthouse” Cafe by Thelma Lang Barnard

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