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Aboriginal Issues

Volume 14 Number 4 (Summer 2005)


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Over the years, many other young people came to the cities for education or to find work. Tribal Presbyterian Churches were set up for them. The standard of living improved in the villages, but those in the cities mostly had very simple ‘second homes.’ They sent as much money as they could back home to the villages. Gradually many of those who got better jobs and spoke better Mandarin chosebuy homes for themselves in the cities, but others came in groups to labor on building sites and lived simply on-site, isolated from the city people. The close social structure of the tribes began to break up as many got used to city life. Now some of them find they are unable to cope with simple village life. Others, whose villages are easily accessible to the plains, prefer to live in the villages away from the pollution of the plains and commute to work in county towns.

As far as language goes, many parents and children can now converse freely in Mandarin, so there is less of a generation gap than twenty years ago. These well-educated parents no longer despise their own language as they were trained to do when the government insisted they spoke only Mandarinschool. Last year, I was delighted to find that several of ‘my young people’ are now teaching their own language in plains and city schools, and not only to their own people. Some plains children are choosing to learn a tribal language as part of the school curriculum.

Table of Content

Aboriginal Issues

  • Guest Editorial by Moira Campbell

  • Tribal Christianity — Impressions 2005 by Bryan Dillon

  • Burning Issues by Leslie and Thelma Barnard

  • Rev. Bai’s Vision for Bunun Youth by Les and Thelma Barnard

  • Twenty Years Later — Lovingly Remembered



  • Welcoming a New Generation into our Mission Organizations by Victoria Gascho

  • Chinese Philosophy and the Taiwanese Working Class by David Eastwood

  • Jesus and Conflict in the Gospel of Mark (Part 1) by Archie Hui

  • Dr. J. I. Packer Public Lecture: Rediscovering Everyday Holiness by Archie Hui



Regular Features

  • Meditations for Missionaries: “The Land Cries Out!” by Andy and Fiona Houghton

  • MK Issues: Adjusting to Having Your Children in the Dorm by Delores and Michael Kittelson

  • Witness Stand: Through the Valley of Death—A Record of Elim’s Healing by Grace Hsieh translated by Thelma Lang Barnard

  • Computers in Ministry: Website Design 101 by Sarah Braddock

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