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How Will They Hear

Volume 14 Number 1 (Fall 2004)


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How will they hear unless someone goes to them? Usually 'evangelism' consists of Christians inviting non-Christians to come into the church building to hear. Most non-Christians are too uncomfortable in that environment. There seem to be two ways to tackle this problem. One is to train local Christians to go and reach traditional Taiwanese (i.e., work within the local church). The other is to start churches specifically for people who don't have a church background, and then train these people to reach out to people like themselves.

Table of Content

How Will They Hear

  • How Will They Hear? by Christine Dillon

  • OMF Taiwan's New Vision and Strategy

  • How Will We Reach the Working-Class People of Taiwan? by Amy Gibson

  • Reaching out to Grass Roots by Ailyn Tanuan-Dean and Adam Dean

  • Snake Alley Changing, One at a Time by Tera van Twillert

  • Ray of Hope complied by Leslie Barnard

  • The Most Spiritually Needy Areas of Taiwan by George McFall

  • ORTV Reaches Out by Ruth Devlin

  • The Hakka by Alain Haudenschild



  • Can We Have Peace? by the Rev. Dr. Wang Wu-Tsong, translated by Annie Laurinkari

  • Lead Like Jesus: TMF Annual Conference 2004 by Bev Skiles

  • 2004 Memorials compiled by Ted Skiles

  • 2004 Retirees compiled by Ted Skiles



Regular Features

  • Meditations for Missionaries: The Inward and Outward Journey of the Spiritual Life by James Kim Crutchfield

  • Obituary: Dr. David C. Pollock - Executive Director of Interaction International by Matt Neigh

  • MK Issues: Report of MCA Alumni Trip by Bruce H. Moore

  • MK issues: Reading and Math Activities presented by Andrea Rusk

  • Book Reviews: The Pathway to Peace: Why I Wrote My Books by Wright Doyle

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