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Getting It: Are They Hearing What You're Saying?

Volume 13 Number 2 (Winter 2004)


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Communication is the key to success in many areas of life. It is an essential part of a missionary's life. Typically a new worker arriving in Taiwan to begin working will spend three or four years minimum in full- and part-time language study, only to realize that no matter how much time is spent studying, rarely will one enjoy the depth in this second language that one does in a first language.

So what can we do? We can maximize our effectiveness by learning as much as we can about the way people think about religion, and the interaction between religion and daily life here. Then we work to find points of contact between our faith and the understanding of the people to whom we are reaching out. But without an intimate knowledge of the local culture and language, our attempts to communicate the gospel can go astray.

Table of Content

Getting It: Are They Hearing What You're Saying?

  • Say What? by Barry Owen

  • The Chinese Concept of Shame and the Communication of the Gospel by Scott Powell

  • Bible Storying: Communicating the Gospel by Amy Gibson

  • Missed Opportunity by Michelle Collin

  • Storytelling Renewed by Michelle Collin



  • Teacher or Learner? by Jason Lee

  • A New Look at Missionary Support by Ken Williams

  • Joy M. Randall Made an Honorary Citizen Edited

  • Tam Kang High School Celebrates 90th Anniversary Edited

  • "The Ark" Band by Leslie Barnard

  • Ray of Hope Edited

  • Report on 2004 TMF Conference by Ron West



Regular Features

  • Meditation for Missionaries: Take time to Reflect by Jason Lee

  • Witness Stand: Testimony of a Taiwanese Artist complied by Leslie Barnard

  • MK Issues: Experimental Teaching by Andrea Rusk

  • MK Issues: Senior Panic by Jason Lee

  • Living in Taiwan: Tomb Sweeping Festival by Michelle Collin

  • Missionary Glimpses: Settling In by Leslie Barnard

  • Language Learning Corner

  • Book Reviews

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