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Getting It: Are They Hearing What You're Saying?

Volume 13 Number 2 (Winter 2004)


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Communication is the key to success in many areas of life. It is an essential part of a missionary's life. Typically a new worker arriving in Taiwan to begin working will spend three or four years minimum in full- and part-time language study, only to realize that no matter how much time is spent studying, rarely will one enjoy the depth in this second language that one does in a first language.

So what can we do? We can maximize our effectiveness by learning as much as we can about the way people think about religion, and the interaction between religion and daily life here. Then we work to find points of contact between our faith and the understanding of the people to whom we are reaching out. But without an intimate knowledge of the local culture and language, our attempts to communicate the gospel can go astray.

Table of Content

Getting It: Are They Hearing What You're Saying?

  • Say What? by Barry Owen

  • The Chinese Concept of Shame and the Communication of the Gospel by Scott Powell

  • Bible Storying: Communicating the Gospel by Amy Gibson

  • Missed Opportunity by Michelle Collin

  • Storytelling Renewed by Michelle Collin



  • Teacher or Learner? by Jason Lee

  • A New Look at Missionary Support by Ken Williams

  • Joy M. Randall Made an Honorary Citizen Edited

  • Tam Kang High School Celebrates 90th Anniversary Edited

  • "The Ark" Band by Leslie Barnard

  • Ray of Hope Edited

  • Report on 2004 TMF Conference by Ron West



Regular Features

  • Meditation for Missionaries: Take time to Reflect by Jason Lee

  • Witness Stand: Testimony of a Taiwanese Artist complied by Leslie Barnard

  • MK Issues: Experimental Teaching by Andrea Rusk

  • MK Issues: Senior Panic by Jason Lee

  • Living in Taiwan: Tomb Sweeping Festival by Michelle Collin

  • Missionary Glimpses: Settling In by Leslie Barnard

  • Language Learning Corner

  • Book Reviews

Taiwan Mission Quarterly


Spiritual Disciplines

Volume 13 Number 3 (Spring 2004)


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When we were new Christians we were encouraged to have daily Bible reading and prayer; scripture memorization was also encouraged. The methods with which we do this may have changed with time, our spiritual life goes up and down, but the purpose remains the same-personal attempts to daily, "connect" with our Maker. When one begins this kind of relationship with God then all effort is taken out, but it isn't easy. Spiritual discipline is still required, which requires even more effort.

Table of Content

Spiritual Disciplines

  • Spiritual Disciplines for the Undisciplined by Anne Alexander

  • A Prayer of Weariness by Randy and Nanci Alcorn

  • Abiding in Christ by Wright Doyle

  • Our Quiet Time by Arlene Huang

  • Striving for Spiritual Discipline by Angela Symonds

  • Learning to Praise by Judy Newquist

  • An Introduction to the Disciplines of Solitude and Community by Timothy Meier

  • Centering on Christ by Ruth P. Harbour

  • Experiential Theology

  • A Reading List for Spiritual Disciplines complied by Anne Alexander and Timothy Meier



  • Response to Shame Article by Sheldon Sawatzky

  • Becoming a Servant like Jesus by Dr. Avery Willis

  • A Gospel Warrior



Regular Features

  • Meditation for Missionaries: Finding the Pause Button by Becky McMillan

  • Missionary Profile: New on the Menu by Matthew James Coop

  • MK Issues: Making Vacations Educational by Andrea Rusk

  • Missionary Glimpses: Friends and Neighbors in Tantze by Leslie Barnard

  • Language Learning Corner

  • Book Reviews

Taiwan Mission Quarterly


The Modern Face of Buddhism

Volume 13 Number 4 (Summer 2004)


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We hear of new Buddhist hospitals, schools and even Universities. All these new Buddhist ventures seem to be welcomed by both the people and the media, and always get good reports in the papers as well as on TV. In contrast Christianity is still not widely accepted, and its message is little understood by the majority of the population. The articles in this edition of the magazine will help us understand both the recent changes in Buddhist thinking, and the way people in Taiwan think, and how they view the world, as well as giving us helpful apologetic material for discussion with our non-Christians friends especially in the area of understanding the Hungry Ghost month.

Table of Content

The Modern Face of Buddhism

  • Modern Buddhism by Amos Wang Jui-chen

  • The New Face of Buddhism in Modern Taiwan by Wang Jung-chang

  • Gripped by Fear by Dr. Wang Wu Tsong



  • The Birth of the Taiwan Expatriate Caring Committee by Alain Haudenschlld

  • Dr. David Landsborough Receives Honorary Doctorate

  • James Laidlaw Maxwell: Pioneer Missionary by Maurie Sween



Regular Features

  • MK Issues: Supplemental Education by Andrea Rusk

  • Witness Stand: I Carried the Buddha's Tooth by Lu Bang-syan

  • Window on the Church: How Much Good Could I Do? by Roberta Olson

  • Reality Check by Sandy Oh, Monica Tung, Sang Yoo, Steve Chun, Christine Song, and Jeffrey Su

  • Language Learning Corner: Getting Help With Your Chinese by Martin Symonds

  • Book Reviews

Taiwan Mission Quarterly


How Will They Hear

Volume 14 Number 1 (Fall 2004)


In This Issue

How will they hear unless someone goes to them? Usually 'evangelism' consists of Christians inviting non-Christians to come into the church building to hear. Most non-Christians are too uncomfortable in that environment. There seem to be two ways to tackle this problem. One is to train local Christians to go and reach traditional Taiwanese (i.e., work within the local church). The other is to start churches specifically for people who don't have a church background, and then train these people to reach out to people like themselves.

Table of Content

How Will They Hear

  • How Will They Hear? by Christine Dillon

  • OMF Taiwan's New Vision and Strategy

  • How Will We Reach the Working-Class People of Taiwan? by Amy Gibson

  • Reaching out to Grass Roots by Ailyn Tanuan-Dean and Adam Dean

  • Snake Alley Changing, One at a Time by Tera van Twillert

  • Ray of Hope complied by Leslie Barnard

  • The Most Spiritually Needy Areas of Taiwan by George McFall

  • ORTV Reaches Out by Ruth Devlin

  • The Hakka by Alain Haudenschild



  • Can We Have Peace? by the Rev. Dr. Wang Wu-Tsong, translated by Annie Laurinkari

  • Lead Like Jesus: TMF Annual Conference 2004 by Bev Skiles

  • 2004 Memorials compiled by Ted Skiles

  • 2004 Retirees compiled by Ted Skiles



Regular Features

  • Meditations for Missionaries: The Inward and Outward Journey of the Spiritual Life by James Kim Crutchfield

  • Obituary: Dr. David C. Pollock - Executive Director of Interaction International by Matt Neigh

  • MK Issues: Report of MCA Alumni Trip by Bruce H. Moore

  • MK issues: Reading and Math Activities presented by Andrea Rusk

  • Book Reviews: The Pathway to Peace: Why I Wrote My Books by Wright Doyle

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