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Models of Evangelism

Volume 12 Number 2 (Winter 2003)


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Change has always been with us; life is anything but static. What is of importance to all heralds of the gospel is how well we respond, as opposed to react, to the social and political changes that are going on around us everyday. Nowhere is that response more important than in what we do about the Great Commission. I use the word what deliberately because the commission given by Jesus to the Church is primarily concerned with what we do and not how we do it. There is however, as any fisherman will tell you, more to fishing than just fishing. Different fish for example require different bait and different equipment and in some cases different seasons. In the media culture of the twenty-first century they speak of being 'w' cubed by which they mean, whenever, wherever, whatever it takes. How about us, why for example in a 365-24-7 world are so many of our churches 1-1-52 (1 hour, 1 day a week 52 weeks of the year). Why do so many churches adopt a 'Here I stand' (maintenance) approach to their Christian mission instead of a 'There we go' (pioneering) approach. In this edition of TMQ we look at what we hope will be inspiring different ways of how different missionaries are doing the what of Matthew 28:19. 

Table of Content

Models of Evangelism

  • A Body of Change by Tony Foley

  • It's Not Like It Used to Be by Tim Watson

  • How to Get Rid of Idols by Chiu Chui-ji

  • What Does Sport Have to Do with Missions? by Alex Tan

  • Why Have a Family Emphasis? by Kav Chandler

  • Music and the Message by Sara Beth Norman and Amanda Taylor



  • Build It and They Will Come by Michelle Collin

  • Morrison Homecoming 2002 by Becky Courson

  • Funding Indigenous Missions by Roger Lang

  • Music from Heaven by Joyce Yang

  • The Challenge Of language's Interview with Ruh-Shan Jin by Nancy Toombs



Regular Features

  • Missionary Profile: Tho Heiskanen's Story by Les and Thelma Barnard

  • Women in Ministry: The Fruit of Medical Ministry by Ruth Dai Yu-jen

  • MK Issues: Commitment by Matthew Neigh

  • Window on the Church: Thai Workers in Taiwan Need the Gospel by Immanuel Scharrer

  • Missionary Glimpses: Taking Time Out by Leslie Barnard

  • Language Learning Corner: Watch This Circle! by Martin Symonds

  • Computers in Ministry: What's Up, Mac? by Barry Owen

Taiwan Mission Quarterly


Home Assignment

Volume 12 Number 3 (Spring 2003)


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We missionaries serving in Taiwan are in the communication business. We want to communicate the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of this country. We try to think of creative strategies for making meaningful contact with people and effective methods for getting across the message we want them to consider. Most of us also have another group of people to whom we want to communicate messages clearly and effectively - our supporters back home. They are the people in the churches who pray for us and contribute so that we can serve the Lord here in this foreign culture. This communication task can be a major challenge!

Our task of communicating with our home supporters is another kind of crosscultural communication. When we enter another culture and serve the Lord there for several years, our experience radically changes our outlook on the world. Not having had the same experiences in life, the supporters back home have a hard time really understanding us. Actually, it is not only we that have changed by going to a foreign country, but our supporters back home are also changing in ways that we can barely perceive. When we return home, we may very well have a hard time understanding them as well. There is a great gap in experience and understanding between field and home-a gap that is not easily crossed. To have a real meeting of the minds with our supporters when we go on home assignment, we need to think very carefully about how to cross that communication gap.

Table of Content

Home Assignment

  • Home Assignment by Paul Buttrey

  • Taiwan Missionaries and Home Assignment: A Survey by Paul Buttrey

  • The How and Why of a Good Missionary Talk by Marilyn Schlitt

  • Where Nobody Knows My Name by Steve Spinella

  • A Bridge Between Cultures by David Atkin

  • Sorry That I Haven't Written by Paul Buttrey

  • Short Home Assignment? Think Twice! by Scott Powell

  • What does Home Assignment do to Children's Education? by Donna McLean

  • Furlough: The Bittersweet Test by Chuck Foreman

  • Solo on Home Assignment by Michelle Collin

  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words! by Kathy Foreman



Regular Features

  • Meditation for Missionaries: Goodness, Gracious! by Chuck Johnston

  • Missionary Profiles: Joy Randall -Serving as Jesus Served by Donna McLean

  • MK Issues: Kids on Home Assignment: What is to be Expected? by Emily Atkin

  • Young supporters by Steve Spinella

  • Window on the Church: House of Grace Celebrates Ten Years by Les & Thelma Barnard

  • Resources for Ministry: Practical Matters by Linda Clifton

  • Language Learning Corner: ''Just How Competent are You in Chinese's" by Martin Symonds

  • Book Reviews

Taiwan Mission Quarterly


Trauma and Crisis

Volume 12 Number 4 (Summer 2003)


In This Issue

When we decided to run a focus on Trauma and Crisis the SARS pandemic was completely unheard of! Taiwan had experienced a devastating earthquake, now known as "9-21". Later, the Taiwanese suffered more hardships due to flooding after the "7-11" typhoon. With all these crises around it's natural that people's thoughts will turn to the end times. Then there are the personal crises, how do we cope with such? You can read how some people cope in the focus articles.

Table of Content

Trauma and Crisis

  • Crisis: Danger or Opportunity by Wayne Lehsten

  • Emeline by Ronda Sheppard

  • Something Happened . . So Now What? by Steve Spinella

  • Lessons of Grief by Kathy Foreman

  • "He's Gone...'' (Poem) by Kathy Jo Foreman



Regular Features

  • Meditations for Missionaries: Dangerous Desires: The Idols Within by Mags Duggon

  • Missionary Profile: Jack and Betty to be “Retyred!'' by Paul Buttrey

  • MK Issues: Reflections by Stephanie blanton

  • MK Issues: Is My Kid Patriotic? by Matt Neigh

  • Missionary Glimpses: Movin' In and Movin' Our by Lesley Barnard

  • Window on the Church: Bus Crash by Fiona Houghton

  • Witness stand: Woken Up by David Tsai You-ching

  • Language Learning Corner: Business Vocabulary List compiledby Martin Symonds

  • Resources for Ministry: Member Care Materials compiledby Linda Clifton

  • Book Reviews

Taiwan Mission Quarterly


The Changing Shape of Missions

Volume 13 Number 1 (Fall 2003)


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Our host nation Taiwan has experienced many changes in recent years. We have gone from martial law to democracy to regime change. We have gone from a booming economy to a stagnant one. We have gone from strong family identity to chaos in many families and marriages. All of these changes effect the society in which we minister and therefore our missions task.

Our missionary community is changing. Missionaries arriving today often have a different sense of call than those of past years. This may take the form of a limited time commitment. Few arriving now are thinking in terms of serving for fifty years. Because they may have a limited time period, there is urgency for immediate participation in the missions task. They may not feel they have time for years of language study and relationship building. Others are using their time in Taiwan to prepare for another mission field or a career back in their homeland.

Table of Content

The Changing Shape of Missions

  • The Changing Shape of Taiwan Missions by Ron West

  • What's Happening to Missions Mobilization? by David Dougherty

  • Some Taiwan Missionaries Responses to Dougherty: by Angela Peterson/Michael Osment/Bill Franklin/Ron West



  • The History of the Taiwan Fellowship Deaconry Mission compiled by Leslie Barnard

  • Annual TMF Conference 2003 by Bev Skiles

  • Reaching the unreacted through Overseas Contract Workers by Ron Adhikari

  • Thai Workers: An Unmet challenge by Immanuel Scharrer

  • 2003 TMF Retirees

  • TMF Memorials



Regular Features

  • Meditations for Missionaries: Lost and Found by Mags Duggan

  • MK Issues: The Changing Face of Missions and Education by Andrea Rusk

  • Resources for Ministry: Hokkien Harvest Resources

  • Language Learning Corner: Clothing Vocabulary List compiled by Martin Symonds

  • Book Reviews

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