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Volume 12 Number 1 (Fall 2002)


In This Issue

The focus for this issue on animism covers two aspects, what it is, and how missionaries have approached this way of thinking. Joel Nordtvedt in A Missiological Response to Animism covers the area of how missionaries have responded to those who hold an animistic world view. He finds that the missionary has not fully understood the world view of those he is trying to reach. Hsing Lung Lo covers "what it is" thoroughly in his article Taiwanese Folk Religions. Michelle Collin addressed the most difficult stumbling block for people turning to Christ, that of ancestor worship. David Marshall in his article God, Ghosts and Anthropologists looks for examples in the animistic view of the world, which can be used to bring out the redemptive aspect of the gospel.

Table of Content


  • Taiwan Today by Les Barnard

  • A Missiological Response to Animism in Taiwan by Joel Nordtvedt

  • Taiwanese Folk Religions by Hsing-Lung Lo

  • Ancestor Worship by Michelle Collin

  • God, Ghosts, and Anthropologists by David Marshall



  • A Week of Blessings by Beverly Skiles

  • 2002 TMF Retirees compiled by Ted Skiles

  • 2002 TMF Memorials compiled by Ted Skiles



Regular Features

  • Meditation for Missionaries: Knowing God by Wayne Lehsten

  • MK Issues: Why do TCKS have difficulties making decisions? by Matt Neigh

  • Missionary Glimpses: Ruth Helgeson - Half a Century for Christ

  • Witness Stand: Though I walk .... by Nancy Wan

  • Window on the Church

  • Language Learning Corner: Studying Chinese: Taiwan or China? by Martin Symonds

  • Book Reviews


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