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Student Work

Volume 7 Number 3 (Winter 1998)


In This Issue

This issue focuses on a few of the many facets of student work in Taiwan. We begin with Bernie Han's Chinese Perspective that today's college students, pulled in many directions by a variety of socioeconomic pressures, are still reachable if the gospel presented at the right time and in the right way. Lowe Bibby details the vision of Campus Crusade's Taiwan thrust to establish viable student movement on every university campus. Learn about CCC' s strategy in Reaching Every Campus. Navigators are represented by Dan Hurd who shares his personal pilgrimage in student ministry and how God has changed one campus in Change the Campus Change the World! Jo van Bakel relates the history and evangelistic impact of YWAM' s "The Rock" Coffee Bar, an innovative approach to reaching students off-campus during their leisure time. Two articles describe how Campus Evangelical Fellowship is Breaking the Mold of student ministry in Taiwan. Huang Shi-rong gives an overview of CEF student work in Developing Student Leaders, followed by Lin Fang-jr' s article, Targeting Younger Students, that shares how Fly Young is impacting junior high youth. We close the focus section with Increasing the Harvest: Rapid Advancement on the Campus, in which Mark Persall advocates building relationships with Christian professors as a means toward expanding one's student ministry potential.

Table of Content

Student Work

  • Reaching Students in Taiwan: A Chinese Perspective by Bernie Han

  • Campus Crusade: Reaching Every Campus by Lowe Bibby

  • Navigators: Change the Campus - Change the World! by Dan Hurd

  • Youth With A Mission: "The Rock" Coffee Bar by Jo van Bakel

  • Campus Evangelical Fellowship: Breaking the Mode by Huang Shi-rong and Lin Fang-jr

  • Increasing the Harvest: Rapid Advancement on the Campus by Mark Persall





Regular Features

  • Meditations for Missionaries: What Song are You Singing? by Lucy Noordhoff

  • The Witness Stand: Alan and Lovely Alagata by Marilyn Duncan-Webb

  • MK Issues: Involving Missionary Kids in Ministry by Becky Courson

  • Living In Taiwan: Preparing for Disasters by Nan Sugg

  • Computers in Ministry: A Better Way by Andy Shepard

  • Language Learning Corner: Learning Beyond Learning by Steve Spinella

  • Book Reviews

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