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Confucianism Today

Volume 7 Number 2 (Fall 1997)


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The focus of this issue is one of the foundations of Chinese culture. Confucianism at the very core of Chinese thinking. Read Jim Courson's article, Confucius: Lover of Learning, for a brief introduction the man behind the philosophy. Through this article learn the basics about Confucius, his life and work. Jose Huang's article, Communicating the Gospel to Confucians, raises questions that every Christian worker in Taiwan would do well to consider. It is a scholarly article which will challenge you to examine your own understanding of Confucianism and Chinese thought. This is not an article to read at the end of a long, tiring day. Read when you are fresh and fully alert, and it will sharpen your insights into how to share the gospel in Taiwan. Maurice Hollings worth responds to Huang's article in A Biblical Response Confucianism. His biblical examples of contextualization of the gospel in the book Acts encourage us to seek God-honoring ways to contextualize our faith in Taiwan. Rob Sugg, in Confucius Goes to Church, takes a look at the five relationships taught by Confucius and points out the change that has come about in relationships as a result the years of pressure of Chinese culture upon this teaching.

Table of Content

Confucianism Today

  • Confucius - Lover of Learning by Jim Courson

  • Communicating the Gospel to Confucians by Jose Huang

  • A Biblical Response to Confucianism by Maurice Hollingsworth

  • Confucius Goes to Church by Rob Sugg



  • Meditations for Missionaries: Times of Refreshing By Nate Showalter

  • Missionary Profiles: Dave and Judy Newquist By Ruth Harbour and Nan Sugg

  • Computers in Ministry: Dual Language Windows 95 By Peter Housel and Andy Shepard

  • Language Learning Corner by Martin Symonds

  • Resources for Ministry

  • Book Reviews

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