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Taiwan's Overseas Churches

Volume 7 Number 1 (Summer 1997)


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Taiwan is certainly not known as a Christian nation. Any resource book on Taiwan will point out strong Buddhist roots and a lively practice of idolatry. Ancestor worship and animism also play a significant role in the lives of Taiwanese people. So how is it that strong, active Taiwanese churches have sprung up in various parts of the world? It seems that these vital Christian congregations are an outgrowth of the natural desire of Christian people to join together for worship and to reach out to other Taiwanese people in their communities. Perhaps it is simply a case of Taiwanese Christians applying Hebrews 10:25 to their lives. They do not abandon the practice of assembling themselves together in worship, but encourage one another in the Lord. From humble beginnings strong churches grow.

Table of Content

Taiwan's Overseas Churches

  • The Evangelical Formosan Church - A California Miracle by Nan Sugg

  • Immigrant Church Experiences by Philip Friesen

  • No Chinatowns by Nate Showalter

  • Felix Liu: Man of Vision, Man of Passion by Barry Owen and Nan Sugg



  • Close to the Heart of God by Ted Skiles

  • Vulnerability in Witnessing by Jim Courson

  • I Have a Dream For "I Care" by Jennie Teng



Regular Features

  • Meditations for Missionaries: Moses - Model for Missionaries by Rob Sugg

  • Missionary Profiles: Helen Gilkerson by Thelma Lang and Nan Sugg

  • MK Issues: An Open Letter by Chuck Foreman

  • Living in Taiwan: "Snow on the Mountain"

  • Computers in Ministry: Fun With Music by Doug Penny

  • Language Learning Corner: Perception and Processing by Martin Symonds

  • Window on the Church

  • Book Reviews

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