Taiwan Mission Quarterly


Understanding Traditional Chinese Religions and Values

Volume 6 Number 4 (Spring 1997)


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Understanding Chinese religions is a puzzling challenge to non-Chinese, Christian or not, but we must make the attempt. Gaining insight into the complexity of Chinese religious thought is indispensable in helping us understand Chinese worldview and culture. Such insight will inform our approach in Christian witness to Chinese peoples. This issue's focus opens with a summary of Buddhism in Taiwan today. It gives a glimpse into how Taiwan's Buddhism emerged and its pervasive effect today. Read Chang Yu-shin's account of how she sought in vain for meaning and fulfillment in life through the practice of Buddhism. Yu Chi-ping attempts to formulate the outline of a Christian theology of filial piety, based on teachings of the Bible. Practically, how does a Christian express faith in the workplace? See Liau Jau-rung's article for a strategy that worked. More advice is found in some short pieces on how Christians can respond to pressures coming from their idol worshipping surroundings: "A Christian Response to Ancestor Worship" and "A Christian Response to Food Offered to Idols."

Table of Content

Understanding Traditional Chinese Religions and Values

  • Buddhism - Taiwan Style by Nan Snugg

  • Illusory Goddess to Servant of the Heavenly Father by Chang Yu-shin

  • Theology of Filial Piety by Yu Chi-ping

  • Alternatives to Buddhist Practices in the Workplace by Joyce Liao

  • A Christian Response to Ancestor Worship

  • A Christian Response to Food Offered to Idols



  • A Cry in the Dark: Ministering to Women Who've Had Abortions by Susan Thompson



Regular Features

  • Meditations for Missionaries: The Luckiest People in the World by Nate Showalter

  • Missionary Profiles: Howard and Mary Evelyn Moore by Sheldon Sawatzky

  • MK Issues: Home Schooling - Available Resources by Gregory B. Meeks and Seb Pense

  • The Witness Stand: Facing Change with Confidence in the Lord by Jeannie Heinsman

  • Language Learning Corner: The Sensory Channels by Martin Symonds

  • Window on the Church

  • Book Reviews

  • Index to Volume Six

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