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Missionary Mental Health

Volume 6 Number 3 (Winter 1997)


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An important aspect of maintaining an effective missionary presence is maintaining the missionaries. We are all grateful for the various sending agencies and supporting churches that provide for our financial needs. We are dependent upon and grateful for our prayer warriors supporting us in prayer. These are probably the main things we think of when considering what it takes to maintain missionaries on the field. There is, however, another very important aspect of maintaining an effective missionary presence in Taiwan. This is the area of mental health. Missionaries are not immune to mental health problems. The stresses of living on the mission field contribute to the reality of mental difficulties. Dr. James Belote, formerly Secretary for East Asia with the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, was fond of saying, "Things that bug you in the States will 'elephant you' on the mission field." In this issue we will look at some of the aspects of maintaining mental health on the mission field.

Table of Content

Maintaining the Mental Health of Missionaries in Taiwan

  • Maintaining Balance by Ron Mumbower

  • Saying No by Faith Friest

  • "I Can't Forgive That!" by Rob Sugg

  • Getting Healthy and Staying There by Steve Spinella



  • Taiwan's Independent Churches by Jim Courson



Regular Features

  • MK Issues: Public Schools as an Educational Option

  • Living in Taiwan: Shell Gathering

  • Computers in Ministry: Keyboard Entry Alternatives

  • The Witness Stand: Grace Encountered

  • Language Learning Corner: The Sensory Channels

  • Window on the Church in Taiwan

  • Book Reviews

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