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Music in Christian Ministry and Worship

Volume 6 Number 1 (Summer 1996)


In This Issue

Music is such an integral part of worship that it is hard to even think of worship apart from music. In this issue we will look at several aspects of music in worship. Two of the articles give us a historical perspective on music in worship. Jim Found's Contemporary Worship takes us back to look at ancient Jewish patterns as well as our early Christian roots to see why we do the things we do in contemporary worship. Worship Explosion by Lindy Warren looks at changes in worship music that have come about in the last three decades. Jim Courson's Making a People of Praise reminds us of the primary purpose of worship and our need to keep a focus in planning and participating in worship. Loh I-toh reveals keen insight and introduces us to some precious gems that can aid our work and worship in this distinctly Chinese context as he shares about contextualized Christian music. Mary Griffith's article compares and contrasts the sounds of pagan vs. Christian worship, sharing with us the views of some of her Chinese friends.

Table of Content

Music in Christian Ministry and Worship

  • Making a People of Praise: Music Ministry and the Power of Worship by Jim Courson

  • Sounding the Bamboo: Contextual Christian Music by Nan Sugg interviews Loh I-to

  • Worship Explosion by Lindy Warren

  • Contemporary Worship: Learning from the Early Church by Jim Found

  • Sounds of Pagan Worship vs. Sounds of Christian Worship by Mary Griffith

  • In My Own Key by David Alexander



  • Communicating the Concept of Sin in the Chinese Context by Chuang Tsu-kung



Regular Features

  • Missionary Profile: Judy Estell

  • Computers in Ministry: TwinBridge and Windows

  • Language Learning Corner: Making Sunday More Worshipful

  • Book Reviews

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