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Social Problems in Taiwan

Volume 4 Number 2 (Fall 1994)


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 In the 1980's and 90's Taiwan has been in the midst of rapid social change. Just twenty-five years ago it was possible to see water buffalo drawn carts rolling down Chungshan North Road in slow moving Taipei! Not today! Taiwan is now known for its traffic congestion, high rise buildings, wealthy citizens, unruly legislature and urban chaos. Taiwan is no longer a nation that receives international relief, but instead is a nation that gives money and relief workers to nations that need them. 

 With the dramatic economic and social changes have also come the problems of modem society. Abortion, euthanasia, sexual abuse, drug and alcohol abuse are some of the problems that are all around us. Often the approach to combating these social ills, is one of another education campaign. If people are enlightened with information, it is thought, these problems will cease to exist. However, we know that the basic reason for these problems is the sinful nature in all of us. 

Table of Content

Social Problems in Taiwan

  • The Least of These by Paula H. Voightman

  • Sexual Abuse: A Challenge for Taiwan's Church by Sherry Schock

  • Drug Abuse, A Challenge for Christians by Everett Savage

  • Chen Wen Hsiung: A Success Story from Operation Dawn by Ron Willett



  • How to Have a Good Fight by Nathan D. Showalter

  • Church Planting Strategy for the Taiwan Baptist Mission by Ken Varner



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