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Short-Term Missions

Volume 4 Number 1 (Summer 1994)


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Short-term missionaries are back! They are going out in greater numbers than ever before! They are impacting mission fields and fields closedto missions! They are returning to their sending churches and telling their missions stories. As they do so, they are calling out yet more missionaries, enlisting more prayer support and encouraging more missions giving. Many return to the field, or go to another field, as career missionaries.

Short-term personnel do cause extra work for the mission. Housing must be provided. Language study may be offered. On-the-field orientation takes time and effort. As the missions receiving short-term workers make these provisions, they recognize that the short-termers bring vital contributions to the field. They bring enthusiasm and vitality that only new personnel have. They cause long-term missionaries to look at their own efforts through new eyes. While causing some extra work forthe mission, they also relieve missionaries of tasks and allow the mission to growand expand its efforts.

Table of Content

Short-Term Missions

  • I've Looked at Clouds From Both Sides Now by Glenys Goulstone

  • Short-term Assignment, Long-term Commitment by Mary Griffith

  • Short-term Missions for Developing People by Judy Long

  • A Two-Year Adventure by Rusty Bennett

  • An Ounce of Prevention for Short-term Missionary Sponsors by David Garlick

  • YWAM and Short-term Mission by Rick Layman

  • TM Interviews Short-term Missionaries from Taiwan by Rick Layman



  • How Missionaries Can Help Churches Grow by Sheldon Sawatzky



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  • Women in Ministry

  • MK Education

  • Book Reviews

  • Living in Taiwan

  • Computers in Ministry

  • Resources for Ministry

  • Language Learning Corner

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