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Missionaries From Taiwan

Volume 3 Number 4 (Spring 1994)


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Taiwan's Year 2000 Gospel Movement has the target of 200 missionaries from Taiwan by the year 2000. At present, approximately fifty Taiwanese have gone out as missionaries, so there is still a long way to go --and only six years before AD2000 leaps upon us. What is the church in Taiwan doing to encourage young Christians to think seriously about going out as missionaries?

In 1988, 1500 Christian college students attended Taiwan's triennial "Urbana"-style conference, which majored on cross-Cultural missionary work. In January 1994, the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan held a missions conference in Tainan, attended by 900 people. Campus Evangelical Fellowship (IVCF of Taiwan) has a newly-opened missions department that majors on bringing the needs of missions before the eyes of Taiwan's Christian college students, encouraging each college fellowship to "adopt" their own missionary. Also, China Evangelical Seminary and Chungtai Seminary have a missions major and Holy Light Seminary is planning to commence theirs in September.

Table of Content

Missionaries From Taiwan

  • Chinese Missionaries in Johannesburg by Frank and Ada Tuan

  • Cross-cultural Missions in the Philippines by Fred Y.H. Chan

  • A Discussion with Potential Taiwan Missionaries by Angela Symonds

  • Is Taiwan Lagging Behind in Sending Missionaries? by Phil Schwab

  • Sending Missionaries by Andrew Butler



Power Encounter Part 2

  • Balancing Truth with Power by Jim Courson

  • Spiritual Truth Encounter by Ken Shay



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