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The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

Volume 3 Number 3 (Winter 1994)


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To gain a true picture of the Protestant Church in Taiwan (PCT), an understanding and an appreciation of the contributions of the PCTis fundamental. The PCT is the oldest, largest, most diverse, and most influentialchurch group in Taiwan. Consider the following:

The PCT was established on June 16,1865. At the end of 1991 the PCT membership was 208,249. The PCT had 1,126 churches at the end of 1991. These churches are in every area of Taiwan. The PCT has churches in every segment of Taiwanese society - among rich and poor, rural and urban, professional class as well as farmers. Finally, the PCT is a church concerned with evangelism and the planting of new churches.

Table of Content

The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

  • Ablaze, but not Consumed by Scott Grandi

  • Go Plant Churches - An Interview with Chng I-jin by David Alexander

  • Mission and Medicine in Central Taiwan by Andrew Cole

  • The Evening Students' Care and Counseling Program by Tan Po-chn and Chhod Tan Seng-hui



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