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Power Encounter

Volume 3 Number 2 (Fall 1993)


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From Old Testament times to the present, power encounter has advanced the mission of God for the redemption of humankind. Think of the power encounter when Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel, or the remarkable story of Elisha and the Aramean armies when the servant's eyes were opened to see the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha (2 Kings 6:17). Think of St. Boniface who felled the sacred tree of the German tribes, opening the door to their evangelization. Jesus in his ministry of proclaiming the Kingdom of God exhibited the power of God over evil and the demonic by healing the sick and casting out demons. In the end, his death on the cross utterly defeated Satan, giving him authority over all powers in heaven and on earth in order to draw all people to himself. As missionaries, we share that authority as we invite the people of Taiwan to trust the One who suffered for their release from the bondageof the power of evil.

This mission necessarily involves power encounter. "Power encounter" and "power evangelism" recently established themselves in our missiologica1 vocabulary. Often the church was more "truth conscious" than "power conscious." The renewed emphasis on signs and wonders, healing and exorcisms provides a corrective to this imbalance as we come to understand the confrontation of the Spirit with the demonic, evil forces in persons and structures. But with theemphasis on, power come new temptations: overconfidence in predicting the powerof the Spirit, regarding the non-Christian as the enemy, a proneness to pride, misuse of spiritual gifts and wanting to be in control instead of submitting to God. If we can expect too little from the Spirit, we can also expect too much. The ManilaManifesto provides a helpful perspective: "We reject skepticism which denies miracles and the prescriptions which demands them, both the timidity which shrinks from the fullness of the Spirit and the triumphalism which shrinks from the weakness in which Christ's power is made perfect." In other words, we should not deny miracles of power nor demand them, but trust the sovereign power of God, which also works through the power of forgiveness, reconciliation, love, holiness, humility and suffering to open unconverted hearts and build churches.

Table of Content

Power Encounter

  • Formidable "Powers" but a Mighty Deliverer ! by Robert Bolton

  • Spiritual Warfare: Biblical Perspectives by Paul Hiebert

  • Power Encounter: Do We Need It ? by Rob Sugg

  • Conflict and Conquest Book Synopsis by Wayne Schock

  • Interview with Bob Overgaard by Phil Schwab

  • Beware the Devil - Devotional by Ruth and Mark Harbour



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