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Missionary Families Encounter Culture

Volume 3 Number 1 (Summer 1993)


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The TMF 1993 statistics reveal that missionary couples account for over 300 of the 520 missionary units listed in the TMF directory. In addition, there are nearly 390 dependents of missionary couples and singles livingamong us. Regardless of whether these families were "imported" or are "Made in Taiwan," these mothers, fathers, daughters and sons of all ages are faced with unique challenges and special opportunities as they learn to live together "across culture" here.

Our opening article, "Do Families Still Belong in Missions?" by Jim Reapsome, briefly deals with some of the questions being raised concerning involving families in mission from the perspective of a professional missionary writer. The "first person" articles tell what missionary families anticipated in first coming to Taiwan, and what they did to cope with the challenges and opportunities. Doug Habecker approaches the topic from the viewpoint of a returned MK, while Karen Neff tells how a "single" living in Taichung has put together her own "family" for fellowship, ministry and mutual support.

Table of Content

Missionary Families Encounter Culture

  • Do Families Still Fit in Missions? by Jim Reapsome

  • Families Encounter Culture by Martha Dwight, Beverly Skiles, Molly Johnston,Nan Sugg, Sharilyn Schorr, Joel and Marybeth Nordtvedt, and George McFall

  • An Unrivaled Blessing by Doug Habecker

  • Finding a Family by Karen Neff



  • Celebrations of Festivity by Robert Bolton

  • Introducing the Hakka Bible by Paul McLean



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