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Is Taiwan Still a Mission Field?

Volume 2 Number 4 (Spring 1993)


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Missionaries are still needed (and wanted!) in Taiwan, as the two largest people groups in Taiwan are still unreached. It is true that Taiwan's Indigenous people, who make up two percent of the population, are eighty percent Christian, and the Mainland Chinese who make up tenpercent of the population are ten percent Christian. However, the Taiwanese, who makeup seventy - four percent of the population, are only one percent Christian, while the Hakka, who make up fourteen percent of the population, are less than five - tenths of one percent (0.5%) Christian. By any definition, eighty - eight percent of Taiwan's population is unreached. It seems that the father of "people group" thinking has lost sight of Taiwan's two main people groups!

While it is true that there is a strong church in Taiwan, I believe that missionaries should be working as partners with Taiwanese believers in reaching the unreached Taiwanese and Hakka. Missionaries need to examine their strategy - especially which language they use to evangelize and the areas of Taiwan in which they choose to live. To say, "No one can deny them the privilege of reaching their own people," misses the point! Missionaries arenot needed to tend churches, but they are needed to work in partnership with Taiwan's churches and to help the church stretch out and reach the unreached - both here in Taiwan and around the world.

Table of Content

Is Taiwan Still a Mission Field?

  • Yes, Missionaries Are Still Needed by Phil Schwab

  • The Land Is Not Fully Possessed by Robert Bolton

  • We Are Here because Jesus Sent Us by Joel Taylor

  • The Mysterious Challenge to Today's Viable Church by Todd L. Sandel

  • Over and Out? by Martin Symonds

  • A Time for Evaluation by Howard Kenyon

  • The Completion of a Mission by Sheldon Sawatzky

  • God's Interpreters in Society by Greg Johnston

  • Toward a Theology of Withdrawal by Daniel J. Adams & Chou Fang-Lin


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