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Going With the Gospel

Volume 2 Number 3 (Winter 1993)


In This Issue

Two thousand years ago, Jesus said, "GO, and preachthe Gospel." However, ever since then, most Christians have beensaying, "COME, and I'll preach the Gospel to you."

Asking people to come to where we are is, of course, more comfortable for us. For in our churches and English Bible classes, it is we who make the rules and it is up to those who come to fit in. Before they walked through the doors of our church (or home), they were the "insiders" in their culture. Now that they have stepped inside our door, they have become the "outsiders" and we have become the "insiders" (for it is we who make the rules).

There a re some people who a re Going with the Gospel, however - those who go to where the people are and seek to "pierce the darkness." It is to these missionaries that this issue of Taiwan Mission is dedicated. For, if two million Taiwanese are to be won for Christ by the year 2000, the church in Taiwan must break new ground.

Table of Content

Going With the Gospel

  • Going Where the Students Are by Angela Symonds

  • Going Where the People Are by Doug Vavrosky

  • Night Market Evangelism by Randy Adams

  • Evangelizing Taiwan's Factory Workers by Andy Frederiksen

  • Sports and Recreation Ministry by Alex Tan

  • Taiwan Evangelism Explosion by Chng Seng-hiong and David Alexander



  • Confrontation: Paul on the Mars' Hill of Taiwan by Alan Gates



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  • Window on the Church in Taiwan

  • Resources for Ministry

  • Living in Taiwan

  • Book Reviews

  • Women in Ministry

  • MK Education

  • Language Learning Corner

  • Computers in Ministry


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