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Missionary Growth & Effectiveness

Volume 1 Number 4 (Spring 1992)


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While many missionaries come to Taiwan with the aim of helping others grow, they actually discover that they are learning a lot about themselves in a new way! Someone put it this way: "When I went to the mission field, my aim was to do great things for God. And ministering to the nationals would be just another step in years of service to the needy. But these expectations were short-lived as I embarked upon my missionary career. It did not take long to realize that the 'great things' would be what God did in me and for me." 

 While we are involved in this struggle to become effective, we may sometimes feel that what we are going through is too much to handle. James helps us to get the right perspective on the matter when he says, "When all kinds of trials and temptations crowd into your lives, don't resent them as intruders, but welcome them as friends." (James 1:2 Phillips) We trust that this issue of Taiwan Mission will provide some helpful guidelines as you continue to grow and, hence, are also better enabled to help others grow. 

Table of Content

Missionary Growth & Effectiveness

  • The Understanding and Prevention of Missionary Burnout by Wendell Friest

  • Adjustment Problems Common To First-Term Missionaries by Harold Malone

  • Ministering Through Small-Group Bible Studies by Molly Johnston



  • A Counseling Center for Central Taiwan by Roland Friesen

  • A Missionary Version of I Corinthians 13 Compiled and adapted from various sources

  • Divorce or Suicide: A Testimony of Wu Hsi-Kuei by Wayne Schock



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  • Window on the Church in Taiwan

  • Resources for Ministry

  • Meet the Missions

  • Living in Taiwan

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  • Language Learning Corner

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