Taiwan Mission Quarterly


Missionaries & Church Planting

Volume 1 Number 3 (Winter 1992)


In This Issue

In this issue, we focus on missionary involvement in church planting. Church growth experts tell us that the most effective form of evangelism is the planting of new churches. The Year 2000 Gospel Movement has set as one of their goals the establishment of 10,000 churches by the year 2000 - an annual growth rate of more than 12%. The question this issue of TM asks is: What are missionaries doing tohelp reach this goal? What I have found out is that they are doing so much that we have had to select, from among many very good submitted articles, those that seem to berepresentative of what is happening.


Table of Content

Missionaries & Church Planting

  • Urban Ministry Taiwan by John Branner

  • A Church With A Vision by Wayne Schock

  • Church Growth in the Siu San Presbytery, Kaohsiung: The 2-0-7-0 Movement by Rev. Ms Chng I-jin and David Alexander

  • Three Southern Baptist Church Planting Starts by Gary Linebarger

  • The "Bread of Life'' Multiplied by Doug Vavrosky



  • Through the Valley of Death by Martin Yang



Regular Features

  • Window on the Church in Taiwan

  • Resources for Ministry

  • Chinese Church Happenings

  • Year 2000 Update

  • Meet the Missions

  • Living in Taiwan

  • Book Reviews

  • Women in Ministry

  • MK Education

  • Language Learning Corner


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